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Top Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies in 2022

In 2021, the cryptocurrency sector exploded, spawning a slew of new businesses. While this is beneficial to crypto, it makes it more difficult to distinguish as more businesses emerge. That is why crypto marketing services are so crucial, particularly when differentiating is more challenging than ever.

Crypto marketing services are a must-have, virtually a need, if you want to succeed in a rapidly saturating field. Companies need marketing exposure to get the awareness they need to attract investors and customers, which is where a crypto marketing firm can help.

Professional crypto marketing agencies may help a successful company. They help them concentrate on development and expansion while leaving marketing to a staff familiar with the industry. It’s a significant endeavor, especially given the fast-shifting situation in the crypto realm. Check out the firms listed below if you think you may benefit from crypto marketing gurus:

#1 BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting, which has been in operation since 2011, is the biggest Crypto Marketing Consultancy in existence. The team has shown to be remarkable in developing cryptocurrency projects, demonstrating a high degree of knowledge., Waves, CoinsPaid, and OKEx are among the companies that have signed on as customers. Their key competencies include Strategy, Growth Marketing, Reputation Management, Research, and Analytics.

The firm offers a wide range of digital marketing services for cryptocurrency enterprises, combining as many tools as possible into the process. The collective expertise of this firm allows it to offer non-standard solutions to increase the client’s income – that’s just one of many secrets behind its huge success.


It is a crypto marketing agency that provides services across the whole lifecycle. ICODA uses a data-driven strategy to increase the value of a marketing organization wherever in the globe. This is a marketing firm that not only specializes in digital and cryptocurrency marketing but also offers a broad variety of other services to clients. Their blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and supporters are well-versed in the field, having worked on several successful ventures in the field.

#3 Coinbound

Coinbound is a strong contender for the top rank among the various agencies out there. This cryptocurrency marketing agency is manned by a capable team of seasoned marketers familiar with the community and understand what it takes to create a successful campaign. According to a member of Coinbound’s staff, the company is strongly focused on staying on top of fast-shifting trends to provide the best tactics available. MetaMask, CoinStats, and Nexo are just a few of the firms that have benefited from Coinbound’s strategy.

#4 Ninjapromo

Using innovative approaches such as excellent content creation, effective community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, and other methods, NinjaPromo pushes all areas of social media marketing (SMM) strategies forward. In collaboration with NinjaPromo, you can be certain that your ICO/IEO, DeFi, and STO will be effectively completed. During the investment collecting process, they assisted in recovering around $150 million. This cryptocurrency agency also provides video production services (promo videos, explainer videos, etc.), UX/UI design, website design, and branding, among other things.

#5 Coinzilla

In terms of “conventional marketing,” Coinzilla is not a typical crypto marketing agency like the organizations mentioned above. The platform is a prominent participant in the crypto and blockchain marketing industry. Coinzilla is more of an ad network than an advertising firm, according to its website. Some of the most well-known cryptocurrency businesses and blockchain projects use the platform to distribute their display banner advertisements on the most popular cryptocurrency blogs and news publications.

#6 Bitcoin Marketing Firm

It has been in operation since 2014 and is one of the oldest cryptocurrency advertising businesses in Europe. The Bitcoin Marketing Team crypto agency has a large customer list that has raised a total of more than $ 110 million for its clients. Significant expertise in the video game business allows for a more holistic approach to marketing and great communication in advertising, with a particular focus on each client’s specific requirements.

#7 Cryptoken Media

Cryptoken media goes to great lengths to increase the number of clicks on advertisements and attract new clients who have money to the company. This cryptocurrency marketing agency will assist you in obtaining the greatest possible return on your investment and profit from the cryptocurrency project. They use a variety of advertising methods, including social media, advertising mailers, mobile advertising, and video advertisement. Plus, they are great at boosting Google’s search engine optimization.

#8 focuses on marketing cryptocurrency projects and acquiring customers in Asia’s most important markets, including Japan, China, and Korea. Currently, the business has a staff of 25 specialists and offers 30 marketing services, which more than 200 customers have already used. This crypto agency also provides tons of great solutions to projects at the ‘early bird’ stage.


More and more players are entering the cryptosphere, making it increasingly difficult to separate from the crowd. When it comes to promoting a product or service, marketing is critical.

It’s difficult to get a crypto startup off the ground. However, it’s essential to sell your project properly. No matter how many agencies make the cut, not all are created equal – some provide superior services in certain areas. We highly advise you to go with one of the most competent firms on our list since doing so will save you both time and money in the long run.

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