Ian Balina frequently makes the Bitcoin millionaires list due to his smart ICO investments. However, Balina didn’t amass his massive fortune by simply investing in BTC when it was worth less than a dollar. Instead, over the years, he has made some smart investment decisions using his background in data analytics.

Coming up with constant online tutorials, articles, a public spreadsheet to share with his followers, as well as other free content, Balina uses an approach that he calls “crypto metrics.” 

When asked about why he believes that he has such a high following and dedicated fan base he says, “You have to create value for people… help other people out and share your success.” Balina very much follows an approach of ‘lift as you climb’ and encourages others to create a fortune for themselves.

Top Investment Advice–Avoid DApps

A glance at the cryptomarkets of late looks very much like a battlefield laden with casualties. But Balina believes that you can still make money in a bear market by investing in ICOs. “As brand-new coins, they’re undervalued,” he says.

You don’t have to be a data analyst to apply his approach, but you can examine the same key factors before investing in any project:

“The first thing you have to ask yourself is “how good is the technology?” Look at the prototype, the mainnet, something that shows that the team is working on the technology. All the best ICOs [according to his crypto metrics] show something tangible.”

When you consider that a majority of ICOs have no working project whatsoever, the advice isn’t as obvious as it may seem.

The next key factor beyond the technology is a proven and credible team at the helm. All successful ICOs share this common ground. “Look for what I call an all-star team,” he says, “people who have worked for fortune 500 companies, on blockchain projects, and for how long.”

Finally, he says, “Avoid DApps. DApps have not performed statistically well… from an ROI perspective, they have not fared well, it’s still too early… look for proven technology and predefined use cases that have already seen success.”

The Takeaway

There’s no shortage in this industry of people waiting to give you advice when it comes to investing in ICOs. But Balina speaks from a tried and tested method. Turning $60,000 into $4 million in less than a year, your ears should certainly be pricked.

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