Top Altcoins for Summer 2022: Solana (SOL), Gorilix (SILVA), and Raydium (RAY) Top the List


With Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) still facing intense downward pressure, crypto investors are turning to altcoins for stability and growth potential. As we head toward the second month of summer, three tokens have distinguished themselves as smart, profitable plays. Solana (SOL), Gorilix (SILVA), and Raydium (RAY) may not have much history in common, but they each hold significant promise as investments for the next crypto bull market.

Solana weathered an industry-wide slump early in the week to post a gain of more than 8% on July 14. This performance built on a solid 30-day stretch for Solana, which rose more than 38% while Ethereum barely managed a 9% gain and Bitcoin lost value. Investors looking for an established token that’s just distinctive enough to avoid the sort of risk exposure that have dragged down the industry’s biggest players may find that Solana offers a solid opportunity to hedge their bets this summer.

On the other side of the spectrum, Gorilix is still building toward its September IDO. But that hasn’t stopped the be-your-own-bank token from posting remarkable gains during its presale. SILVA’s value has soared more than 250% from its initial price of $0.008, and the reasons go beyond its low barrier to entry.

Gorilix may have struck on a golden combination of value proposition and development roadmap. SILVA is an ERC20 token whose protocol is explicitly designed to facilitate lending, borrowing, and rewards for saving that mimic interest payments on fiat-cash holdings. Its post-IDO roadmap includes an NFT marketplace, followed quickly by the Gorilix Exchange, a lending and borrowing platform, and a suite of DeFi tools and utilities.

At a time when many cryptocurrencies, both new and established, seem to have gotten too far over their skis, Gorilix has struck a chord with investors by focusing its innovations on core financial functions. That won’t change any time soon, making SILVA a token to watch this summer and beyond.

Gorilix is building its vision from the ground up. Raydium, by contrast, facilitates DeFi specifically on Solana. While its partnership with Solana keeps its scope in narrower focus than that of Gorilix, Raydium has benefited significantly from its close ties with an established altcoin.

Solana’s resilience over the last year has helped Raydium sustain its value on crypto markets. It has even outperformed SOL over the last week: Solana gave up just a percentage point of its value over the last seven days, far less than BTC or ETH, but Raydium managed to rise more than 13%. Its 30-day performance isn’t quite what Solana posted, but a rise of nearly 22.5% easily outpaces the industry’s largest tokens. When crypto markets heat up, Raydium’s close ties to Solana may not provide as pointed a benefit, but in the short run, they certainly seem to be an asset.

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