Top Altcoins for 2020 Ranked by Social Volume

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Determining whether to invest in alternative crypto assets is often a complex procedure. Thankfully, the following top altcoins for 2020 list shows that there are some projects worth keeping an eye on. Social sentiment statistics are provided by LunarCRUSH. Caution remains advised before making any financial commitment. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Has it Pumped?: No 

Has it Dumped? Partially

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Looking at the social dominance and social volume, Ethereum will remain a solid investment for some time to come. A lot will hinge on whether the developers can effectively launch Ethereum 2.0 this year. For now, that launch still remains likely, but more testing may prove necessary. Switching to proof-of-stake will introduce a lot of core changes. 

In the year 2020, Ethereum has overcome a very steep dip in the beginning of the year. Its value has not returned to the $284 level of mid-February, but the current uptrend seems somewhat promising. Considering how 1 ETH was worth just $110 in March of this year, things are looking up. 

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Has it Pumped?: Yes

Has it Dumped? Yes

The past few days have been all about Dogecoin in the cryptocurrency space. Generating 4.41% in social volume of all projects combined is impressive. With over 8,150 social posts in the past week – with the help of TikTok – the momentum remains in place. Its community has always been the strong suit of this crypto asset. 

A strong price surge has been generated, although a steep correction is likely to follow. So far, that correction appears to be in progress, resulting in a significant price decline. Overcoming this dip will not be easy, but it is not impossible either. 

ChainLink (LINK)

Has it Pumped?: Yes  

Has it Dumped? No

Following a surge in social momentum in recent months, ChainLink has gotten on a lot of people’s radar. It currently has a social dominance of 3.33%, thanks to over 6,300 posts being made across different networks. 

Similar to Ethereum, ChainLink has overcome a pretty big dip earlier in the year. That is significant, as LINK has noted very strong momentum ever since. The big question is whether it has peaked at $6.46 for the year. It seems unlikely, but it is advised not to take any big risks where any of the potential top altcoins for 2020 are concerned. 


Has it Pumped?: No 

Has it Dumped? Yes

While most users aren’t a big fan of Ripple or XRP, its performance in 2020 so far cannot be ignored. The social media buzz surrounding this asset is still going strong, resulting in a social dominance of 2.53%. XRP Also remains a popular topic on social media.

Looking at the price chart, one may wonder why XRP is on the list of top altcoins for 2020. There has been ample accumulation going on. Although XRP broke the $0.2 mark recently, it may only be the beginning of a new uptrend. The high of $0.33 for the year may prove challenging to reach. 

VEChain Thor (VET)

Has it Pumped?: Yes

Has it Dumped? No

Given all  of the developments taking place behind the scenes of VeChain Thor, its current social uptrend is not too surprising. Roughly 1.96% of all social conversations pertain to VET right now, which is impressive. This represents just under 4,750 social posts. It remains well ahead of established currencies such as Cardano, Tezos, and TRON in this department. 

Looking at the VET price chart, an interesting trend becomes apparent. Strong gains have been noticed in recent weeks. During the first few months of 2020, there has been a slow uptrend that seemingly exploded all of a sudden. A small correction is taking place, but the market can easily rebound. 

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