Since blockchain technology carries such immense potential when it comes to creating a better world, it seems fitting when this technology is applied within the domain of education. As a public blockchain working to accelerate consumer adoption through DApps on their platform, OST launched their Alpha III developer challenge last month.

This was a blockchain hackathon involving over 200 developers building Proof of Concept integrations with the OST turn-key token management tool. The goal was to incentivize developers with OST tokens to build integrations between their platforms and OST KIT.

With partners including Unsplash and the LGBT foundation, OST has a background of caring about meaningful projects. And the educational initiatives the hackathon inspired promise to change the way in which students live and learn around the world. Let’s check out the top six:

6. Sahayaam Scholarships

Indian educational platform Sahaayam Scholarships is a portal that allows for non-profits to list scholarships so that teenagers from all walks of life can access a proper education. Scholarships are sponsored based on each student’s individual economic situation and need.

5. Simple College Economy

Simple College Economy in the Czech Republic is working to turn universities into dynamic education ecosystems. Students can lend money to their peers and buy and sell books via the university’s marketplace. And the universities, in turn, can generate extra income through activities like book sales and tokenizing items available in their cafeteria.

4. ThesisToken

Greek application ThesisToken aims to make it easier for students to gather survey responses for their theses. Using their platform, students reward respondents with one “T” Token, and they can also earn their own tokens by answering their fellow students’ surveys.

3. ANU University Token

Similar to the Simple College Economy project, the ANU University Token aims to turn the Acharya Nagarjuna University in India into a tokenized ecosystem. Students can pay for their food, books, and tuition with tokens. Similarly, even the teachers and other staff members of ANU can be paid via crypto.

2. TutorFind

TutorFind India connects students in need of extra schooling with teachers. Pupils and tutors are brought together by finding a match between the student’s needs and the teacher’s expertise. Tutors get paid in TUT tokens, and students can earn tokens easily by writing reviews and sharing on social media.

1. Read It

US-based Read It (winner “Best Do Good POC” Alpha II) aims to eradicate child illiteracy. As much as 10 percent of the world’s children cannot read. And this figure doesn’t take into account those who rarely ever read or have difficulty doing so. Read It’s program encourages children from various different countries to read by incentivizing them with tokens that can be redeemed at local vendors.

These are just a handful of the inspirational projects taking shape on the OST blockchain that allows developers to create their own branded tokens. With further initiatives like the Alpha III developer challenge in the pipeline, here’s hoping there will be many more to follow.

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