Top 5 NFT Markets Generating the Most Volume This Week

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The NFT market is one of the thriving segments of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Several platforms note significant growth in volume and sales. It is an excellent outlet for artists to showcase their skills and earn some money on the side. Statistics are provided by Nonfungible.

Axie Infinity 

The top platform in the NFT space is Axie Infinity. It has genuinely made a significant impact on the industry in relatively quick succession. It notes $443,341 in 7-day volume and over $7 million in total volume all-time, which are awe-inspiring statistics. It is also worth noting Axie Infinity reports 7,280 sales in the past week. Users are flocking to this platform at an increasing rate. 


Another major NFT platform is Sorare. Its overall volume and sales figures are slightly lower compared to Axie Infinity, but the competition appears to be heating up. The 7-day volume represents nearly $365,000 and over 4,230 sales; confirming there is a lot of quality work to be found on this platform. Fueling further growth will be necessary to remain competitive, however.

CryptoMode NFT Marketplace top 5
Source: Nonfungible


Perhaps one of the better-known NFT platforms, Superrare continues to truck along nicely. The platform records just over $194,000 in 7-day volume, yielding 144 sales. These figures confirm the value per sale on this platform is much higher than some of its competitors. Different types of NFT platforms can cater to unique kinds of artists and buyers. 

Somnium Space

Although there doesn’t appear to be much buzz regarding Somnium Space than the three platforms mentioned earlier, the platform performs reasonably well. Somnium Space notes over $139,000 in 7-day volume, spread over 55 sales. Another example of sales yielding more money overall is an indication of higher-quality and more rare digital artwork on offer. Indeed a platform worth keeping tabs on.


For Makersplace, reaching the $100,000 threshold over seven days will be the next order of business. Currently, it sits at $94.521, which is more than a respectable figure. Additionally, there were 186 sales in this period, indicating the platform is thriving. It remains ahead of other well-known NFT platforms, such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, and CryptoKitties, to name a few. Competition in this space is incredibly fierce, which can only be a good thing. 

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