Top 5 Lesser-known Blockchain Auditing Firms To Keep An Eye On

CryptoMode Blockchain Auditing

Audits are an essential yet often overlooked aspect of decentralized finance and the broader blockchain industry. Several well-known firms like CertiK and PeckShield provide these services, but there are half a dozen other auditing teams who are also worth paying attention to. The following auditors all have a unique way of analyzing code and reporting their findings. Information is provided by PatrickD on Twitter. 


The OpenZeppelin project has gained some attention in the auditing world. Not only does the team offer a comprehensive overview of the project and their analysis of the code, but they also introduce a broader overview of the infrastructure. For example, if they were tasked to analyze one aspect of a project, OpenZeppelin will provide insights into everything else that falls outside the initial scope. Their reports are a treasure trove of information and data for those willing to delve a bit deeper into analyzed projects. 

Trail Of Bits

The motto of Trail of Bits is to help companies and organizations secure their products. Moreover, the team maintains an “attacker mentality” to perform deep analysis, reduce risk, and fortify code. As a result, reports issued by Trail of Bits contain a thorough list of tested properties, an accurate description, various recommendations, and an “exploit scenario”. That latter part helps users understand why these findings matter and how they could be taken advantage of under particular circumstances. 


Building a more scalable model for Web3 security requires a thorough understanding of projects, their code, and where things could possibly go wrong. While Spearbit isn’t necessarily well-known, the team is performing security reviews of projects. Moreover, their findings are similar to conducting an interview with the team and argumenting findings and potential fixes. Maintaining an open conversation regarding security is good, as is taking feedback to heart.


The ChainSecurity team builds tools and provides services to ensure blockchain projects are safe. Moreover, it is one of the up-and-coming auditing firms in the space, and community members appreciate their reports. Therefore, a detailed overview depicting a good understanding of projects and their features is essential in this space. Despite going rather in-depth into various aspects, the ChainSecurity reports remain relatively easy to stomach, making them well worth reading.


Halborn is the auditing firm that has a tremendous following on Twitter, yet their name isn’t mentioned that often it seems. The elite cybersecurity for blockchain organizations project continues to gain momentum, and people have begun taking more notice of the security reports they issue. One intriguing aspect is the code snippets they provide, highlighting the affected line in the code, making it easier for developers to visualize this aspect. 

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