Top 5 Gaming Tokens Gaining Over 250% This Month

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Gaming tokens remain of great interest to many people. The tokens are linked to blockchain games, which see increases and declines in overall popularity. The following game tokens all noted strong momentum this past month, and they all retain a pretty low value too. 

DarkShield (DKS)

The DarkShield ecosystem can be described as a collection of multi-chain NFTs and crypto games. The project includes initial game offering solutions, a DEX gaming market, online multiplayer features, and a reward pool. DKS, the currency of the Darkshield ecosystem, notes a 748% monthly price increase. It is the strongest riser among all gaming tokens, even if it has under $260,000 in daily volume. 

Gem Token (GEM)

The Gem Token is the native currency of Clam Island, a gamified yield-farming and NFT platform with a 3D island interface. Users can interface with characters to explore yield farming and investment opportunities through a gamification approach. GEM is the reward token of yield farming and can be used to buy Claim NFTs. Users who stake Clam NFTs generate Pearl NFTs by spending 10 $GEM. The asset notes a monthly 489.5% price increase. 

Pancake Games (GCAKE)

The Pancake Games NFT game project lets users sell items from the game, reserve for the hottest game and earn an opportunity to win NFTs, and organize events. $GCAKE holders increase their chances of winning rewards. Additionally, they can take GCAKE to receive priority access to exclusive NFTs, pre-order new games, etc. The monthly 400% price increase confirms this token is of great interest to enthusiasts and speculators. 


5 Popular Play-to-Earn Games To Watch In 2022Whether we are all gonna make it remains unclear, but WAGMI Game tries to make it so. The play-to-earn futuristic battle game revolves around card-based battles. Players can enter the game through a free set of basic cards, but NFTs are available for those looking to advance further. Those cards can be bought and sold for $AGMI tokens. Thanks to a 272% monthly price increase, WAGMI is one of the gaming tokens on many people’s watchlists right now.

Lord Arena (LORDA)

Lord Arena is one of the games where players recruit heroes, build their squad, and compete against other players or PvE elements to collect rewards. One of the rewards is LORDA, one of the strongest-rising game tokens this month. It is a free-to-play game where players can complete daily quests and unlock new places with various rewards. Items earned from quests can be used to upgrade heroes. LORDA, the in-game token, noted a 254% monthly increase, which is rather impressive. 

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