Top 5 Gambling DApps By User Volume This Month

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Gambling DApps have proven to be an exciting industry, even though the most popular applications do not reside on a well-known blockchain. Instead, the ThunderCore ecosystem is where all users flock to lately. All applications in this top five reside on that chain, which is rather interesting. 

TTGuess (ThunderCore)

The TTGuess project is the most active among gambling DApps on the market today. Its objective is to let users take a guess and win big prizes, although the loser will win a big lucky draw prize. It boasts over 59,000 users in the past month, who generated over 2,27 million transactions. While the volume of $2.95 million is not necessarily significant, it shows there is some activity to take note of. 

Serious Dice (ThunderCore)

Dice games have always proven popular, either as centralized services or gambling DApps. Serious Dice, also residing on ThunderCore, has a low house edge and provides exposure to Investments, Mining, and Dividends. With over 59,000 monthly users and more than 560,000 transactions, the DApp climbs the rankings. However, its volume of $264,000 remains relatively low. 

TT-KENO (ThunderCore)

The concept of keno is renowned around the world and needs no further introduction. TT-KENO is one of the few solutions putting 40-ball keno on the blockchain, combined with very high multipliers. Moreover, the project notes over 52,400 monthly users and nearly 950,000 transactions. It is one of the gambling DApps with low wagering, though, as the monthly volume barely touches $175,000.

TT-PLINKO (ThunderCore)

There is nothing about Plinko that requires any skill, yet it is a very captivating concept. Keeping that in mind, it’s unsurprising to see it make an impact on gambling DApps. TT-Plinko digitizes the fan-favorite concept and lets users win decent rewards. The application notes 52.300 monthly users and almost 242,000 transactions, yet just $7,000 in volume. More users don’t mean more volume by any means.

Dice Planet (ThunderCore)

It is interesting to see two dice games in the gambling DApps top five. Dice Planet is, like Serious Dice, an on-chain dice game, but without the Investments, Mining, and Dividends. However, it has a more graphical appeal. The 34,660 monthly users generate over 73,600 transactions and $44,000 in 30-day volume. Not the most impressive statistics, but still interesting regardless. 

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Statistics provided by DAppRadar.

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