Top 5 Ethereum Gas Guzzlers For This Weekend: ApeCoin Dominates

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The Ethereum gas guzzlers list is one of the more interesting metrics to gauge the network’s health. Although transaction fees are relatively low – below $5 – on average, an OpenSea sale will still cost over $43. Other projects have helped contribute to overall gas usage lately. 

Apecoin (APE)

Many people are still in the process of claiming APE tokens from the ApeCoin contract. That is not too surprising, as there is a strong accumulation of this asset. The potential upcoming Metaverse land sale has people genuinely excited. Additionally, there will always be BAYC and MAYC holders who have yet to claim any tokens. The contract generated over $526,000 in fees today, with over $370,000 of those fees happening in the past three hours.

Uniswap V3 Router 2

The world’s leading decentralized exchange continues to fire on all cylinders. Uniswap, which has three different iterations of its current protocol, remains a go-to solution for swapping Ethereum-based assets. Its 24-hour fees have surpassed $1.146 million, representing nearly 8% of all Ethereum network fees of the past day. Higher usage of this contract can benefit Uniswap liquidity providers, assuming they are on V3 of the protocol. 

OpenSea Wyvern Exchange v2

Given the high network fee to complete an OpenSea sale, it isn’t surprising to note its position among the gas guzzlers. OpenSea remains the dominant NFT marketplace, and its smart contract for bidding, offering, buying, and selling notes plenty of activity. The contract represents over $1.377 million in 24-hour fees or nearly 500 ETH. 

ENS: ETH Registrar Controller

There is a growing interest in Ethereum-based domain names, warranting a solid look at what ENS brings to the table. As more people register domain names or have them change ownership, the ETH registrar controller contract has become one of the biggest gas guzzlers. It is good to see this contract generate over $700,490 in 24-hour fees. Decentralization is the way forward, and domain names are a good place to start.

Tether (USDT)

Tether used to be in the gas guzzlers top three for the longest time. That is no longer the case today, and the project barely hangs on to its fifth place. Although over $541 ,900 in 24-hour fees is still decent, interest in ERC-20 USDT seems to wane. Other networks like TRON are far cheaper and more efficient to use for USDT, which may explain the current trend. 

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