Top 5 dApps With The Most Developer Activity This Month

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There is tremendous developer activity taking place across multiple blockchains today. Most of these efforts focus on building decentralized applications, or dApps. The following projects all note high developer activity in the past month, as the future is still being constructed today. 


It is not too surprising to see developers continue to streamline the most prominent decentralized exchange and trading platform. Uniswap has three iterations of its DEX AMM protocol. Although the latest version is the most efficient, many people still rely on the older versions. Judging by this month’s developer activity – which can pertain to hundreds of things, including coin pairs – there is still much work to do. Uniswap had over 35,500 GitHub events this month, a 9.23% increase compared to last month.


The top Web3 wallet for mobile and browser continues to bring more people into the crypto and blockchain fold. Moreover, the wallet supports various prominent blockchains and networks, making it the go-to solution for Web3 explorers. Like Uniswap, MetaMask noted vigorous developer activity this past month, with nearly 14,000 GitHub events. That, too, is a  monthly increase of over 14.5%. An impressive turn of events. 


Online communication has become second nature, yet there are many trade-offs. For example, one can barely have privacy and security without risking intermediaries intercepting and being one’s messages. Solutions like Telegram still allow users to enjoy privacy in peace, although a more decentralized approach would be welcome. Status aims to become that decentralized, private, and secure means of communication through blockchain technology. For years, the project has been around and noted over 12,300 GitHub events this month. A 17.25% activity increase could hint at some significant upcoming developments. 


Many people consider Cosmos an essential building block to unlock inter-blockchain opportunities. The technology stack provides various benefits to that end, and more features are coming soon. Almost 10,000 GitHub events in the past month seem to hint at something big. Moreover, that activity is a 4.64% increase month-over-month. So there is never a shortage of action where Cosmos is concerned. 


Prediction markets were once touted as the future of betting and wagering. While the concept remains viable, these dAppss and platforms do not necessarily lead to broader adoption as quickly as some would have liked. For example, one of today’s oldest prediction markets, Gnosis, has a few dozen daily users on average. Its developers, however, continue to generate nearly 10,000 GitHub events every month. Although that is almost a 20% decline compared to 30 days ago, it will be interesting to see if these prediction markets can gain mainstream traction.

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