Top 5 DApps By Monthly Active Users

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DApp developers must ensure their application secures traction in the blockchain world. As new models come to light, specific applications will prove more successful than others. Interestingly, three prominent use cases have become apparent in this industry, although blockchain games have made their mark. 

PancakeSwap (DeFi)

Although many people would put PancakeSwap in the “exchange” category, the platform has become so much more than that. For all intents and purposes, it is a decentralized finance platform providing many use cases to users globally. Moreover, PS leverages the Binance Smart Chain, allowing for more efficient transactions. With 5.26 million active users this past month, it is the cream of the crop where DApps are concerned. Its monthly volume of $36.1 billion is also very impressive. 

Alien Worlds (Gaming)

As one of three blockchain games in the DApps top five, Alien Words seems to attract more users than its competitors. That is a bit surprising, although a healthy sign for the industry. Alien Worlds resides on the WAX blockchain, which is rarely mentioned in App discussions these days. Its 1.64 million users generated $20.1 million in volume, both of which are more than healthy statistics. 

Axie Infinity (Gaming)

Axie Infinity is by far the most talked-about gaming DApp on the market today. Using the Ethereum blockchain seems to be viable for this project. Unusual, as the network has high transaction fees and can suffer from congestion. However, the 854,100 monthly users seem just fine with Ethereum and generated $2 billion in revenue. Overall, a solid performance, although AI has ground to make up to climb the DApps rankings.

Splinterlands (Gaming)

The final gaming-related DApp on the list is Splinterlands. It is also the only project in the top 15 to use the HIVE blockchain, which is rather surprising. The popular card-based game has built up a solid community in quick succession. Moreover, its recent expansion sale introduced new anti-bot and anti-whale mechanics, which is rather promising. Splinterland had 676.700 users last month, generating $1.02 million in volume. 

Uniswap (Exchange)

Some people may be surprised to see Uniswap still in the top five of DApps today. It is a prominent trading platform on the Ethereum blockchain that introduced various improvements and upgrades in V3. However, Uniswap V3 is a different entity, as the V2 version still has over 518,000 monthly active users. More importantly, these users generate $22.7 billion in volume, although that is almost 1/3rd of Uniswap V3, which has roughly 40% fewer active users. 

Source: CryptoDiffer

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