Are you looking to stay abreast with the latest developments and innovations within today’s blockchain space? Then heading to a crypto conference is a great way of checking out new ideas, educating oneself, networking with other like-minded individuals and making valuable connections in the process.

If you missed Blockchain Week or the recent Silicon Valley Blockchain Connect conference, don’t fret, there’s still plenty going on for the rest of the year.

Here are the top five crypto conferences scheduled for the latter half of 2018:

5. Blockchain World Conference (July 11th – 13th)

Some of the most important people in blockchain and crypto will be at the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, USA. The organizers promise a compelling lineup of speakers including Overstock’s Patrick Byrne and Deedcoin’s Matthew Herrick to provide participants with all of the latest updates regarding this burgeoning field.

You get three days of seminars, presentations, panel discussions, and networking events, all focused on industry hot topics. If that’s not all, Bullish Bitcoin backer and POTUS candidate 2020 John McAfee will also be delivering a keynote speech on the last day of the conference.

4. US-China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference (22nd August)

If you’re interested in the Chinese market, this is the event for you. More than 30 expert speakers from both the US and China will guide audiences through many topics of interest, including startup investments, bitcoin mining and capital raising.

However, a bulk of discussions will focus primarily on two key areas, namely:

  • Application of blockchain technology across multiple fields.
  • Future trend predictions for the digital currency market.

3. Asset-Backed Crypto Summit (28th – 29th September)

In Lisbon, you’ll learn more about emerging blockchain technologies and fast-growing cryptographic solutions that have drawn the attention of governments, startups, and large companies across the globe.

At the ABC Summit, you can connect with cryptography experts and explore blockchain technology platforms such as EOS and Ethereum. Additionally, high-profile public speakers will use this forum to discuss how these aforementioned technologies can impact national economies and foster political dialogue between different countries.

2. Malta Blockchain Summit (31st October – 2nd November)

Having been dubbed the “blockchain island,” the small European nation is now hosting the Malta Blockchain Summit which is being viewed by many as the most awaited crypto event of the year.

Discussions will cover the potential applications of blockchain technology across multiple verticals– including banking, fintech, payments, entertainment, and healthcare.

The organizers have also announced that the keynote speaker of the event will be the Hon. Joseph Muscat, Malta’s Prime Minister.

1. World Crypto Con (31st October – 2nd November)

This conference is focused on the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It presents attendees with an excellent occasion for effective networking and aims to foster innovation across an array of business sectors.

Advanced trading, investing in ICOs, asset protection, mining innovation, and the future of blockchain are some of the themes that top subject experts will discuss during the three-day event.

These are just five of the most exciting events coming up over the next six months. Most of them are focused on how blockchain technology will change our world for good. Which one’s will you attend?

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