Top 5 Crypto Assets With the Most Code Commits in June 2020

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Various cryptocurrency statistics will often tell a very unique tale. Looking at the overall code commits in the last four weeks, the top five may contain some coins no one would expect.

Elrond (ERD)

For a project that is ranked $73 by market cap, Elrond seems to generate very little social buzz right now. That strikes one as odd, considering how this high-throughput blockchain can have tremendous potential.

With adaptive state sharding, a native Virtual Machine, and proof-of-stake capabilities, the network checks a lot of the right boxes. 

Statistics on CoinGecko confirm that this project has received the most GitHub commits over the past 4 weeks. A total of 18 contributors represent 865 commits. A lot of code was added, but there is also a lot of stuff being removed or replaced. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Not everyone sees eye-to-eye when it comes to Bitcoin Cash. This forked version of Bitcoin has been successful in its own regard. There is still ample room for improvements and additions. Contributing to this project is necessary, yet it seems there aren’t too many people doing so.

More specifically, only 3 contributors generated 326 GitHub commits. Do keep in mind these contributors are assigned to public code. It is possible that some aspects of BCH developments occur in hidden repositories. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

No one will be surprised to learn that Bitcoin is still one of the more actively maintained repositories on GitHub. Being the world’s leading crypto asset almost makes that a mandatory aspect. 

Over the past 4 weeks, 666 people have actively contributed to the development of Bitcoin Core 0.20.0. They represent a total of 323 commits, putting it just behind Bitcoin Cash in this regard. 

ChainLink (LINK)

A lot has been said about ChainLink in the past few months. Perhaps the most telling aspect is its significant price and market cap increase. While most people watch that particular aspect, several dozen people are working behind the scenes to make the project more robust. 

With 51 contributors generating 320 commits in the past four weeks, Chainlink is heading in the right direction. As time progresses, the project – and primarily its oracles – gets more recognition. The second half of 2020 could prove to be rather exciting for this particular project. 

Siacoin (SIA)

For a project that has been around for just over 5 years, Siacoin has certainly come a long way. To this date, it remains one of the more mature projects in the space, even though it doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. 

Making the project better remains a core aspect, however. Developers and contributors are working hard to make this happen. Siacoin received 206 commits from 19 contributors in the past month. All things considered, there can’t be much to complain about by users, speculators, and enthusiasts. 

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