Top 5 Crypto Assets Ranked by Median Transaction Volume

CryptoMode Median Transaction Volume

Transferring value over a cryptocurrency network is their main purpose. If a network has a high median transaction volume, it is often a rather prominent ecosystem. The following 5 assets note high median volume, although they aren’t necessarily the biggest contenders in terms of market cap. 

Huobi Token (HT)

It is rather uncommon to see a native exchange token be subjected to high transaction volumes. For Huobi Token, there is $34.21 million in volume. However, the median transaction volume is $7,776. This probably has to do with Huobi moving balances internally in larger batches. That said, it is an interesting metric well worth keeping an eye on. 

Maidsafe (MAID)

Although somewhat disappeared into obscurity, the MaidSafe project is still firing on all cylinders. This is evident when looking at the median transaction volume of $3,836. An impressive statistics, although a daily transaction volume of just $63,802 is not too impressive by any means. A lot of work lies ahead for these developers., as well as the MaidSafe community.

Cardano (ADA)

While quite popular a while ago, it seems as if fewer people talk about Cardano every day. The introduction of staking has rekindled interest in the project, resulting in a transaction volume of $516 million. The median transaction volume is $2,094, which is fairly impressive. Cardano also has over 10,250 active addresses, indicating the network is in a very good place right now. 


Once heralded as the “Ethereum of China”, things have seemingly quieted down on the NEO front in recent months. Even so, its market cap of $470 million is nothing to sneeze at. There’s also $1,920 in median TX volume, which is all one can ask for under the current circumstances. Combined with 2.816 active addresses, the network is still trucking along nicely. 


Considering how popular stablecoins are in crypto and DeFi, their success should not be underestimated. USD Coin has nearly $2 billion in daily transaction volume. Its median transaction volume sits at $1,822.75, indicating many people use this currency to move funds around. USDC Also has nearly 13,400 active addresses, which is worth keeping an eye on. 

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