Top 4 Darknet Marketplaces To Watch In 2022

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Darknet marketplaces remain an intriguing addition to the internet, even if not for legal reasons. Following the closure of Hydra a few weeks ago, one has to wonder who will become the next “top dog” in the industry. Several platforms compete for that crown, although using any of these markets remains ill-advised.

Versus Market

It is interesting to see a darknet market that claims to be a ‘community project” first and foremost. Versus Market is not protected from being shut down because of it, though, but it aims to recreate the Silk Road days of yore. It is not a marketplace for digital items but rather one for drugs and other illegal products. 

There is no site-hosted wallet, as Versus Market transactions occur through multisignature solutions for either Bitcoin or Monero. There are over 200 active vendors on the platform today, which is relatively low for a market launched in August 2019. One positive note is how there have been no complaints about scams or other security issues.

Vice City

Not to be confused with the GTA video games, Vice City is a relatively new darknet marketplace trying to solidify its position. The overall layout is very simple – and a bit unprofessional – but it gets the job done for most users. Unlike Versus Market, the team uses an on-site wallet and has no Monero support. That latter part seems rather strange given the current landscape, but it is what it is. There is a multisignature option, too, though.

As a new marketplace, it is difficult to gauge interest from buyers and sellers. Thousands of listings are available, yet that doesn’t mean anyone is buying or selling. Users can explore various products and services, although the operators will need to step up their game to become a top contender in the industry. The platform has been operational since May 2020.


The Tor2Door Market looks almost like a cross-over between eBay and Craigslist. However, the modern look makes it easy to navigate, making it accessible to newcomers and experienced veterans. Moreover, the team focuses on security above everything else, although there are useful features like notifications as well. Like Vice City, users can choose between an on-site wallet and multisig options, with the latter option only supporting Bitcoin. Monero is enabled for traditional [centralized] transfers. 

Interestingly, Tor2Door is one of the few darknet marketplaces maintaining an affiliate program. Referrers can earn up to 40%, which is rather appealing. Like most other trading platforms, Tor2door has plenty of drugs and chemicals listings but also gained momentum in “fraud” and “digital products” categories. A very solid offering for a platform created in July 2020.

World Market

Visitors of World Market may briefly think they accessed an older version of Alphabay or Empire Market. Both former top darknet marketplaces shared a similar layout, and World Market borrows many elements from it. The design has allowed World Market to grow by leaps and bounds, with over 1,100 vendors and 200,000 total users since November 2020. It is one of the biggest platforms on the darknet today and a definite contender for the “top spot”.

Moreover, World Market has a dedicated shop for credit card information. Additionally, its “digital” category has grown tremendously, indicating a multi-pronged approach. There are no multisig wallet options, yet the market has native support for Bitcoin and Monero. Deposit addresses may not always change, which can become a privacy and security concern. 

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