​​Top 3 Solana NFT Projects to Watch in October 2022: Okay Bears, Boryoku Dragonz, and Super Soldiers 3D

Super Soldiers 3d

Despite its youth, the non-fungible token (NFT) market is rapidly expanding. The market value of all NFTs has increased from $24 million to $2.6 billion in the last year. This kind of growth will likely continue in the coming years, but only a few projects are seen to retain its support from inception onwards.

What makes a great NFT project?

Certain factors will determine which projects survive the test of time. The first step towards project success is to create a compelling use case. Second, the project requires a capable group of individuals who can bring their ideas to life. Third, creators must raise sufficient funds for their projects to continue despite the tough competition.

NFT projects have had the most success in digital art, gaming, and collectables so far. All of these industries have a high demand for rare and special items. More NTF projects in music, fashion, and the media are expected to emerge as Web3 ecosystems continue to mature.

Why are Solana NFTs popular?

Solana NFTs are very popular because the blockchain platform has many advantages over others. Solana is great for NFTs because it can handle many transactions quickly and be used on a large scale. Furthermore, Solana’s low fees make minting and trading NFTs more affordable.

A big selling point is that developers can create NFTs directly on the Solana platform. This makes it easier to make collections, keep track of them, and perform other associated steps.

Here are the top 3 NFTs to watch this month

Okay Bears is a ten thousand-piece set of pristine NFT with the tagline “We are going to be okay.” The unique design of Okay Bears is one of their distinguishing features, and the blueprint makes it entirely useful in other ways. All told, there are seven distinct areas: the park, the workshop, the gallery, the boutique, the studio, the platform, and the bear market.

Next, Boryoku Dragonz has a total of 1,111 Dragon NFTs, which can provide passive income for those who have them through its BOKU cryptocurrency. This project differs from other NFT collections because it gives its holders unique benefits, such as daily token airdrops, breeding games, and ways to burn tokens.

All Boryoku Dragonz NFT holders get seven BOKU tokens added to their accounts every day. If the BOKU token reaches its all-time high of $19.76, one Boryoku Dragonz NFT could earn $138.32 per day and more than $50,000 per year.

Finally, Super Soldiers 3D is the first military-themed NFT project built on the Solana blockchain. It has an exceptional graphic design, allows holders to modify weapons, and provides exclusive benefits to its owners. It is also one of the few Solana NFT projects aiming to put an end to high gas fees and invest in creating a decentralized voting system that utilizes tokens.

The Super Soldiers team also said they would be putting out “Super Crates,” which are mysterious boxes containing unknown items. Inside are brand-new guns and gun skins. Each holder will receive a free Super Crate post-mint.

SS3D has over 55,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram as of this writing. In addition, Over 140,000 people have viewed the trailer, and the whitelist is nearly full. Joining the Super Soldiers Discord server grants access to special benefits and rewards provided by the creators.

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