Top 3 Cryptos To Buy In May 2022: Mushe (XMU), Litecoin (LTC), And NEAR Protocol (NEAR)


May 2022 has seen some downturn in the cryptocurrency market; however, it is still a good time to buy and accumulate tokens that have good utilities. Buying the dip and purchasing heavy volumes can often provide bigger returns for your crypto portfolio. If you’re looking for cryptocurrencies to invest in, try considering these coins: Mushe (XMU), Litecoin (LTC), and NEAR Protocol (NEAR). These 3 coins have diverse use cases and could potentially provide multi-bagger gains in the future. 

Internet Service Provider Firm Supports Litecoin Payments

Oxio, the popular Canadian internet service provider known for its low cost and unlimited plans, announced that it will begin to accept LTC token payments from its users. The LTC token is already widely accepted as a payment currency across the world. The Litecoin network is faster than its competitors and was launched as a lighter and quicker version of Bitcoin. It has not faced any downtime in the past decade and could potentially reach for the moon again this year.

Mushe Is Set To Revolutionise The Metaverse Industry

Mushe is currently on presale and can be purchased here. The XMU token will be used as the primary currency inside the metaverse and is currently available at $0.005 at the time of writing. After listing on major exchanges, it could potentially achieve multi-bagger gains. 

The services from Mushe will include a vibrant metaverse where users will be able to interact virtually with each other and communicate with the help of Mushe chat, a social media channel that is set to be launched. Since it is decentralised and open-sourced, there will be no censorship and users will be able to send messages that are fully encrypted and secure.  

The Mushe token will also power the decentralised exchange being built by the team, allowing users to swap tokens across multiple networks at lightning speeds. To enable low-cost transfers, integration with the Stellar blockchain will be carried out although the token will be initially deployed on the Ethereum network. 

The Mushe token will be used to process low-cost transfers and quick payment of fees. Users will also be able to participate in NFT swaps. With multiple utilities, it has the potential to succeed and provide potentially higher returns than other similar coins. 

Get constant updates from the Mushe team at the links shared at the end of this article. 

NEAR Protocol Partners With SailGP

NEAR Protocol has announced plans to join hands with SailGP, helping create more publicity for NEAR Protocol. This will also allow SailGP to gain access to world-class blockchain features. Users will be able to gain ownership of SailGP teams through a DAO-based membership. NFT and other merchandise will become accessible to users through the NEAR blockchain network. Users will also be able to decide how the SailGP teams are run and it will bring a fan-centric approach powered by the Near Protocol. The NEAR token will be used to power various features including membership of the DAO and NFT sales for the SailGP teams. This could turn out to be very bullish for the NEAR token and could potentially provide high returns for your crypto portfolio.  

Lastly, there are some basic financial strategies that you should keep in mind while purchasing cryptocurrencies. Never invest more than what you can afford to lose and hold for the long term. Short-term volatility can be very unpredictable but long-term investing could potentially provide huge returns. Add the three coins above to possibly help your portfolio turn green in May.  

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