A lot of changes have taken place in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency over the past couple of years. Yet, one trend that repeats itself time and again is the fact that this domain is still completely male-dominated. None of the wealthiest people in crypto are women–not yet anyway. However, with new developments taking place every day, who knows what the future may hold?

For now, from low to high, check out the top 10 wealthiest people in the cryptocurrency sector:

10. Michael Novogratz

Ex fund-manager who now owns an investment firm called Fortress Group, Novogratz was already named a billionaire by Forbes before Bitcoin was even launched. In fact, he didn’t turn his full attention to cryptocurrencies until fairly late in the game. In 2015, he quit his day job and is now the current CEO of Galaxy Digital.

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How much is he worth? It is estimated that his crypto holdings lay somewhere between the $700 million and $1 billion mark.

9. Brock Pierce

The former child-actor and somewhat eccentric entrepreneur founded a bunch of famous crypto startups, including Coinbase and Ethereum. As Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and part of the EOS team, Pierce could seemingly do no wrong. Until he was called out by John Oliver for an underage sex allegation and promptly parted ways with EOS.

So how much is Pierce worth? He too is estimated to be worth around $700 million to $1 billion.

8. Anthony Di Iorio

One of the original co-founders of Ethereum, Di Iorio has invested heavily in this space. He’s also one of the key people behind Decentral and Jaxx digital asset wallet and is actively working towards decentralizing his country’s governance framework.

How much is he valued at? Somewhere between $800 million and $1 billion.

7. Matthew Roszak

One of the true Bitcoin millionaires, Roszak was an early adopter and investor in the space and was also the person responsible for Tally Capital and Bloq. Another of his interesting claims to fame is that he supposedly gave Richard Branson and Bill Clinton their first exposure to Bitcoin.

How much is Roszak currently estimated to be worth? Anywhere between $900 million and $1 billion.

6. Brian Armstrong

One of the youngest on this top 10 list, the Coinbase founder is just 35. While not everyone may have heard of this heavy-hitters name, there’s not a person in crypto who doesn’t know or make use of his exchange.

He is estimated to possess a net worth hovering between the $900 million and $1 billion mark.

5. Matthew Mellon

Born into one of the wealthiest banking families in the US, Mr. Mellon had already amassed a sizable fortune before his foray into crypto. In fact, he had to stand up against his family and friends and follow his instincts to invest in Ripple’s XRP token. 

It is estimated that Mellon’s crypto net worth lies anywhere between $900 million and $1 billion.

4. The Winklevoss Twins

Seems like giving Facebook a miss and continuing on into the crypto world was the right thing to do for these canny brothers. Investing early on in crypto, buying big in Bitcoin back in 2012, the 36-year-old twins’ New York exchange is now working with Nasdaq and has put them in fourth place on the crypto wealth list.

So how much are the brothers’ worth? Somewhere around $900-$1.1 billion.

3. Changpeng Zhao

Founder of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange since the fall of Mt. Gox, Zhao has seen Binance expand into multiple counties, recently moving to the blockchain island of Malta. The company currently serves more than 6 million users and is one of the biggest players in the crypto market.

Zhao is estimated to be worth around $1-$1.2 billion.

2. Joseph Lubin

Even as the co-founder of Ethereum, Lubin got into this field relatively late. With a banking background from Goldman Sachs, he’s thought to be the biggest single investor in Ethereum. His blockchain startup accelerator, ConsenSys now has operations in over 30 countries, even announcing their Ireland launch just last week.

Lubin is currently worth between $1 billion and $5 billion.

1. Chris Larson

Topping the list by a landslide is Ripple’s founder and CEO Chris Larson. He himself owns at least 5.2 billion XRP and while we may be in the middle of a bear market, should Ripple reach the dizzy heights of BTC or ETH at any point, Larson could become the world’s richest person ever.

At this point in time, Larson is estimated to be worth a staggering $8 billion.

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