Sometimes, spending all day at the computer exchanging trading outlooks and watching crypto headlines can make you feel like you’re part of a secret society.

But guess what? Crypto is now entering the mainstream. It won’t be too long before even Grandma knows the price of Cardano and has a vocal opinion on whether EOS is a scam. Many celebrities have also come out in support of cryptocurrencies and are pushing them into the public sphere.

Here are the top 10 celebrities bullish on crypto right now.

10. Floyd “Crypto” Mayweather

He used to be just another well-known boxing dynamo and millionaire but now he’s trying to establish himself as the celebrity king of crypto– even adding the term as his new middle name.

With a massive following on social media platforms such as Instagram (over 19 million followers), Mayweather definitely has a huge public reach. However, that doesn’t make him an expert as earlier this year, Mayweather unwittingly backed an ICO scam called Centra.

9. Mel B

Even if you’re too young to remember The Spice Girls, you’ve probably seen Mel B once or twice on America’s Got Talent. 

Before smart contracts were even available for commercial use, Mel B came out and backed Bitcoin all the way back in 2013. She was also the first musician to accept payments via BTC, saying that it united her global fanbase (however large that may be).

8. The Game

Top rapper and advocate for cannabis (owning his own dispensary in California), The Game is getting into crypto for blockchain’s ability to disrupt the cannabis industry. By removing intermediaries and allowing for payments to be made and shipments to be tracked, quite a few key names have spoken out regarding blockchain’s potential within the cannabis industry.

However, this is one battle that The Game looks to be losing right now as the rapper is being sued for his endorsement of an ICO Scam called ParagonCoins.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Backing the Abra app (a bitcoin-based wallet) after an episode of Planet of the Apps, Paltrow is not just a blockbuster movie star. Known for her entrepreneurial endeavours, more specifically for lifestyle brand Goop, she’s been an advisor to the Abra startup and vocal in her support for Bitcoin for quite some time now.

6. Ashton Kutcher

When he first appeared on the screen, Kutcher seemed little more than a piece of eye candy. No one would have expected him to become a business tycoon or UN ambassador against human trafficking. 

Kutcher was interested in Ethereum back in 2014 and was also one of BitBay’s largest investors. In addition to this, he also currently backs eSports, Unikrn and with nearly 20M followers on his Facebook and Twitter, Kutcher is spreading the crypto-word far and wide.

5. Luis Suárez

The Uruguayan soccer player best known for his Hannibal Lecter style ear biting during matches is getting excited about cryptocurrency as well. With a massive social following, Suarez encouraged his fans to back Ethereum prediction market Stox last year–alongside Mayweather.

But with tougher regulations amidst more and more ICO scams, celebrity endorsements have been fewer of late. Being accused of pumping ICOs through social media or duping investors is definitely not something Suarez needs on his plate right now.

4. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has been through a lot. Made a fortune. Lost a fortune. Appeared in movies, and also endorsed Bitcoin’s first ever ATM.

With several concerns about his state of mind over the last few years, it may be a good idea to double check before blindly following Tyson’s advice. However, it has to be said that he was an early mover in this space, even vocally supporting Bitcoin all the way back in 2015.

3. DJ Khaled

Another crypto enthusiast and Hip Hop legend, DJ Khaled has been in hot water lately for backing the same ICO scam as Mayweather. Advice coming from this celebrity crypto enthusiast may be worth thinking about twice, although he is an active investor in this space, posting videos showing enthusiasts how to store and use different types of cryptocurrencies.

2. Jamie Foxx

Backing the newly launched Cobinhood, this celebrity Oscar-winning actor seems to be handing out some decent advice so far. Well received by many in the crypto community, Foxx appears to be making smart choices, although he’s taking some flack for jumping on the bandwagon of celebs pumping ICOs.

1. Lionel Messi

The most famous soccer player in the world is also one of the world’s most famous people and cryptocurrency advocates. Backing blockchain startup Sirin Labs and vocally expressing his support for Bitcoin, when Messi tweets to his followers, he reaches an audience of around 90 million people!

The Takeaway

No matter how much you love celebrities, remember there are no experts when it comes to investing. It should also be noted that a majority of celebrities have been a lot quieter about cryptocurrency this year, particularly about ICOs.

Paltrow’s name can no longer be found on the advisory board of Abra and social media is becoming less and less full of celebrity advocates. As regulations begin to catch up within the industry, celebs are slowly withdrawing their endorsements–even John McAfee is quietening down on ICOs on his social media after the actions of the SEC.

So, just as any other investment, do your due diligence first. Lionel Messi and Floyd Mayweather can probably stand to lose a few (million) dollars, but can you?

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