TON falls deeper in the red, TOADS ready to take off once it is listed on UNISWAP


In the crypto landscape, there are projects going up, some going down and everything in between. The Open Network (TON) project has probably seen it all. DigiToads (TOADS), meanwhile, is concluding a successful presale and heading for a historic launch.

Such diversity of fortunes is possible because of a highly-responsive market DigiToads seeks to transform the memecoin landscape and is getting a positive response. TON faced significant regulatory obstacles and has never shaken off the fallout completely.

The DigiToads presale continues to surpass expectations. This presale concludes on 15th August, 2023, and has raised over $6.7 million. Investors are enjoying the pricing of the token sale, with TOADs retailing for $0.050 at the last stage of the presale. The haul bodes well for the project as it heads for launch on 21st August, 2023. This presale homestretch provides an unparalleled opportunity to join a project on the cusp of greatness!

TON still struggling to rebound

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The story of TON is tumultuous and represents the varying contrasts of crypto projects. It started with a historic ICO, then called the Telegram Open Network. The ICO raised over $1 billion before the SEC cracked down on the project for alleged securities laws violations.

Telegram decided to discontinue the token. However, a group of volunteers created The Open Network (TON) in 2020 to provide continuity to the original idea. Toncoin (TON) now focuses on providing a rapid transactions medium for its users.

The rebrand is yet to reignite the project to where it was after the launch. At press time, the coin retailed for about $1.20, almost two thirds less than prices during the peak market in 2023.

DigiToads is a rising alternative

As TON struggles, there is a token taking the market by a storm. The project is a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem and memecoin. Its success could influence how memecoins operate in the future.

DigiToads launches on 21st August, 2023, looking to become the memecoin king. Investors have made a 400% return on investment since the start of the presale. The project team structured the presale into ten stages with successive increases in token prices.

At the launch price of $0.055, the ROI ticks up to 450%. These figures are a rarity in the current bear market and provide enthusiasm ahead of launch. The investors hope for another 100 X token, if not more.

DigiToads has this momentum because of the unique nature of the project. The project’s gaming ecosystem allows users to nurture digital toads and gain rewards for their gaming activity. Such incentivization creates a robust community that ensures the token has a stable user base.

This organization is different from memecoins like Dogecoin, which are purely speculative assets. Adding utility to a memecoin is the spark this sector needs to become attractive to investors again.

Notably, DigiToads also allows investors to mint and stake Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Users can stake NFTs from 21st August, 2023, but minting is already available at


TON has struggled to rebound because the initial project fell apart very dramatically. Some TOADS investors are now looking at TOADS to provide the spark TON has been incapable of. The uniqueness of DigiToads is providing enthusiasm that investors searching for a home can join.

The launch of this gaming ecosystem provides a useful platform for both fun seekers and serious investors. Such duality is adding to the excitement in the last couple of weeks of the presale. The DigiToads presale promises to be one of the most significant token launches of the recent past.

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