There is a lot more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin and Ethereum. While most altcoins can be overlooked, there are a few key exceptions such as Litecoin, a currency that Gabriel Francisco from TMT Blockchain Fund expects to go on a “major bull run” in the coming few months.

A Positive Trend for Litecoin?

It has not been the best year for Litecoin so far. For example, Charlie Lee sold all of his holdings a while ago, which effectively spurred a few debates. Additionally, the recent Litepay debacle created even more despair among some community members.

Getting cryptocurrency to the mainstream is challenging enough. Compounding that problem by the Litepay CEO effectively pulling a near scam isn’t helping much. With that being said, some experts remain confident there will be positive Litecoin price momentum later this year. TMT Blockchain Fund’s Gabrial Francisco, for example, is extremely optimistic. In his opinion, Litecoin is on course to becoming a real player in the shopping industry.

However, getting consumers excited about Litecoin will not happen overnight but its faster transaction speeds, when compared to Bitcoin, might give it a competitive edge in the long run.

It is certainly true that Bitcoin is not perceived as a spendable currency. Instead, most people see it as a store of value, which doesn’t apply to Litecoin in the slightest. With the ongoing “Pay with Litecoin” merchant campaign, the altcoin seems to be on the right track to make an impact. Even so, there is still a very long way to go before any cryptocurrency will see even the slightest hint of a bull run.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that cryptocurrencies are bound to make an impact sooner or later. Whether or not Litecoin will be the one to lead the charge, remains up for debate. Even so, there are a lot of positive developments on the horizon for all major currencies and assets. The momentum may look dire right now but looking at the bigger picture, things are still rather bullish.

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