Tired of bearish rallies from Chainlink and VeChain? Here’s why DigiToads could help to diversify your crypto portfolio in 2023.


One of the golden rules of dabbling with cryptocurrencies is to diversify one’s portfolio. Rather than keeping all your eggs in one basket, you can spread your portfolio across different crypto projects to not only maximize your gains but also shield your returns against market volatility. To that end, DigiToads has been emerging as a market favorite when it comes to diversifying portfolios. Considered among the best new alt coins of recent times, DigiToads is also drawing many Chainlink and VeChain holders with its unique model that amalgamates a meme coin with a play-to-earn platform.

DigiToads: Where all crypto buyers are heading

DigiToads is an Ethereum-powered meme coin that also allows its users to participate in its play-to-earn game. You also get opportunities to stake assets, participate in giveaways, and trade tokens. Its native token is TOAD and it is currently being offered for purchase via a 10-stage presale cryptocurrency ICO. Till now, the latest ICO has raised over $1M in presale funds. Moreover, the TOAD token’s supply has been capped at 585 million, of which only 46.5% will be made available for presale. The rest of the tokens will be divided between different use cases like liquidity pool, community growth, and team tokens, among others.

The TOAD has opted for a deflationary model to keep the supply scarce. The practice helps in taming price fluctuations and makes the TOAD token a top crypto to invest in.

If you are someone who enjoys Web 3.0 games, then DigiToads is something you shouldn’t miss. According to the rules of the game, players compete with each other in a virtual swamp wherein they are paired with digital creatures called DigiToads to defeat the competitor. One can acquire, trade, or win these DigiToads, who have special abilities that can influence a player’s chance to win. Players can also purchase training equipment, food, and potions for their DigiToads using TOAD Tokens. A part of the sale proceeds of these items is diverted to the prize pool. Over time, the latest ICO will also open a think tank called ‘TOAD School’ that will allow its users to learn all things about the DigiToads ecosystem and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the team would be donating 2.5% of their annual profits to charities working for the conservation of rainforests.

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Chainlink announces Hackathon Spring 2023

Chainlink is among the leading Web 3.0 services platform that provides tools. Its native token is LINK and it is used for all transactional purposes on the network. Developers can look forward to a reliable network that includes cryptographic proofs, quality data, and an extensive network of nodes. For the convenience of its users, Chainlink provides them with readymade Oracle solutions that can secure smart contracts and dApps. The platform recently also announced its Hackathon Spring 2023 where the participants are encouraged to send breakthrough Web 3.0 ideas for dApps. The hackathon starts on April 28 and will conclude on June 9.

VeChain scraps transaction fees for its web wallet users

VeChain is an enterprise Layer 1 smart contracts platform. Initially, it was launched as a consortium chain wherein it worked with multiple enterprises to explore new possibilities with blockchain technology. Its native token VET is the main cryptocurrency on its network. Leveraging technologies like IoT and a distributed governance model, VeChain solves data hurdles limiting blockchain adoption for several industries. The VeChain Foundation recently announced that it would be scrapping the transaction fees that users were earlier charged for using the VeWorld Web wallet. The decision is aimed at boosting mainstream adoption of VeChain and its solutions.

Here’s why the TOAD token is the top crypto to invest in

If you are looking for a good beginner cryptocurrency that will not only diversify your portfolio but also build a reliable source of passive income, then DigiToads ticks all the right boxes. Users can look forward to sustained growth while contributing to the platform’s development with active participation. Analysts who have reviewed the Toad token suggest that it can potentially cross 30x returns over time.

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