Tips to Attract Top Tech Professionals

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The shortage of professionals is a real thing in the tech industry. And because there aren’t enough people, many companies have trouble attracting the tech talent they need. For this reason, the tech industry has become very competitive, coming up with ways to attract and keep the tech talent that already exists. These tips will help any company attract top tech professionals to meet their demand.

Build Industry Presence

One of the main things any company has to do to attract tech talent is to let itself be known. If employees don’t even know the company exists, it won’t receive applications. The right way is by participating in hackathons, tech forums, and other social events in the community. Hosting or attending one of these events gives a lot of exposure to any brand. Accepting interns from the local educational institutions and working alongside the community is an excellent way to establish a presence. Sometimes, techniques as simple as promoting your website and having a tech blog can go a long way.

Have the Newest Technology

Companies should strive to have the latest and better technology, and let the industry know this fact. The textbook marketing is still the right way to go, but the incorporation of new technology is vital. Why do you think many tech professionals dream of working from tech giants like Google or Amazon? They know these companies are the ones revolutionizing the market and with new developments comes learning opportunities. Most tech professionals are passionate about technologies, and expect that in their work environment. If you build a tech platform worthy of admiration, this will surely attract tech professionals to your front door.

Don’t be Let Location be a Limitation

Most tech skills are international. For example, the programming language you learned in the United States is relevant in China. As long as a potential employee has the right hard skills and can communicate in English, they should be good to go. Don’t limit your talent pool to just the location of your company. When you can hire professionals from anywhere in the world, the possibilities are endless. Plus, your benefits could be more competitive in other countries than in the US, and you will still be hiring top talent. Even in the US, many workers will accept a slightly lower salary for the opportunity to work remotely.

Competitive Benefits

Tech companies are famous for their out of the ordinary employee benefits and perks. This is to create a comfortable environment that inspires workers. Between the most incredible ones are:

  • Paid time off for new parents, yes moms and dads even if they are adopting, for up to one year.
  • Naps rooms for employees to have power naps during working hours.
  • Flexible working hours. Employees decide when to work as long as they get the job done.
  • Wellness benefits that can include anything from gym memberships and massage rooms at the office to free sessions with therapists to manage stress.
  • Student loan reimbursements.
  • On-site office daycare. 
  • Paying for employees to learn new skills with online courses to coding bootcamps.

These are just a few, but they have become the norm in the industry. Tech professionals know that the industry has a shortage and will expect some of these benefits when looking for a job.

Build Great Recruitment Websites

When companies have a great recruitment website, this means easy to use and intuitive, employees will be more prone to apply. If a company is hard to contact, then it probably will not receive as many applications. A good platform will have a list of job openings with lengthy descriptions of what the job entails. It should also have a list of what benefits a future employee can expect to have, and if it has the salary amount, it can attract even more attention.

Use Current Employees

Tech is not so big of an industry, which means most tech employees will have connections with other professionals. A good recruitment strategy is to use your current employees to attract new talent. Some companies give compensations to the employees that recommend other applicants. Even if you don’t give bonuses for this, many employees will recommend friends that they know are top talent in the industry. Also, good recommendations from your current employees will attract others if they are good enough.

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