TipeeeStream Embraces In-browser Mining to Support Content Creators

Fans, supporters can now tip their favorite content producers across various platforms like Youtube, Twitch via cryptocurrency!


Tips and donations make the Internet tick in more ways than one. In this regard, Tipeeestream has begun making an impact across various platforms, including Twitch and YouTube. The platform now officially supports in-browser cryptocurrency mining to tip a user’s favorite content creator.

Browser Mining for Tipping

Cryptocurrency is an interesting tool when it comes to online donations or tipping in general. Various tip bots and tipping services have been erected over the years, albeit none of them have had any lasting impact in this regard. It is possible Tipeeestream will fall into the same category, although the service is trying to bring cryptocurrency to content creators across different platforms.

Tipeeestream positions itself as a solution for tips and donations on live streaming platforms. It packs a ton of features, including customized alerts, multiplatform support, and drag-and-drop functionality. It is also free to use across any of the supported platforms, which include Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and SmashCast. By integrating cryptocurrency support into these offerings, the project hopes to get more people excited about supporting their favorite content creators as time progresses.

More On the Matter

To ensure the platform remains attractive, the developers of Tipeeestream have come up with a new way to support content creators. More specifically,  the project now supports cryptocurrency mining through one’s browser. This feature can be accessed through the donation page of a streamer but it is entirely up to individual streamers to embrace this functionality in the long run.

All of the cryptocurrency mining proceeds are secured through Moonify, a company that specializes in enabling browser-based cryptocurrency mining.

All proceeds are converted once the minimum threshold for a payout has been reached. Money can be received through a bank transfer.

Final Thoughts

It is good to see more service providers embracing in-browser cryptocurrency mining as a legitimate business model. Even though this particular concept is mainly known for its nefarious aspect in the form of cryptojacking, it can also be used to replace traditional advertising or introduce additional revenue streams. In this case, it can help support content creators, assuming they are willing to experiment with Tipeeestream in the first place.

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