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It never comes as too big of a surprise to learn that new types of scams circulate within the cryptocurrency sphere. Using Tinder is apparently becoming a popular method to achieve this goal.

It is a well-known fact that dating apps such as Tinder attract  a lot of desperate people.

Avoid Financial Advice Through Tinder

It is also a breeding ground for all types of scams and illegal activity.

Even the cryptocurrency space is not safe from this particular approach, which is somewhat worrisome. 

On at least one occasion, someone got scammed by a “Tinder match” by making them invest in an altcoin with no value. 

Why anyone would take financial advice from an unknown individual on the internet, will always be the main question.

The currency in question goes by the name of BDV, which is seemingly traded on the Onefinex exchange.

It doesn’t take much effort to figure out that this platform is not to be trusted.

The domain is relatively new, there is little account security, and only BDV is the prominent coin on this exchange.

Anyone crazy enough to trust such a company or the coin they list is almost asking to be scammed sooner or later. 

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