Time Tracking Remote Work for Increased Success

time tracking remote work

Facial recognition allows remote work to overcome its many challenges to optimize the digital workplace. By 2025, 22 percent of the workforce will work remotely, 22 percent of remote workers report being happier at work, and 30 percent identify as more productive and engaged. However, the lack of boundaries between home and work can create new challenges for remote workers and employers. For instance, 75 percent of remote workers experience stress and burnout at work, where they are more likely to work more hours and encounter productivity-hindering disorganization. 


Automatic time tracking allows employees to identify where their time is being spent, track long-term progress, and prioritize what’s most important while experiencing increased focus and organization. Businesses benefit from time tracking by gaining transparency into work processes and tracking where the budget gets burned. Ultimately, facial recognition for time tracking reduces busy work and maximizes time to create a more cohesive remote working experience.

How Facial Recognition makes Remote Work More Seamless and Less Distributed - TrackTime24.com
Source: TrackTime24.com

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