ThreeOh DAO – A Beneficial Advocate Looking to Progress the Digital Assets Movement Toward Mass Adoption


With just under 15 years in existence, digital assets as we know them today have climbed to become one of the most successful and prominent investment classes, with an average daily trading value surpassing $120 billion.

While digital assets’ popularity has grown and found a wider audience, they still lack some of the more traditional and fundamental tools found in conventional banking, which are essential to reaching mass adoption. 

Many companies and projects have formed to introduce new tools to ensure that this decentralized form of banking is here to stay. This is done by creating solutions that ensure this rapidly growing asset class abides by the same laws and regulations as centralized options. 

ThreeOh DAO is an organization that governs a funding pool and decision-making mechanism for supporting political action towards digital asset-friendly government policies and legislation. The organization advocates for this growing investment class by creating an effective lobby through collaboration with Web 3.0 PAC, a US Super PAC, DeFi Advocacy, the 501c4 lobby, and DeFi Education, the 501c3 non-profit. The unique engagement facilitates the only active entity, complete PAC to DAO. 

More on ThreeOh DAO 

The digital asset hearings in Washington DC in December of 2021 made it clear that an advocacy group was needed immediately to help progress innovation. The digital asset industry is focused heavily on technological innovation while ignoring politics, which severely affects the growth of the industry and its move towards mass adoption. 

ThreeOh DAO is a non-partisan organization advocating and working on behalf of Web3, digital asset adoption, and fintech evolution. The organization is looking to promote mass adoption and proliferation of technology education to maintain leadership in this ever-evolving technology.

Their $3OH token governs the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which pays into their funding pool. The funding pool is allocated to the advocacy groups and their activities which are voted on by holders of the $3OH governance token.

DAOvolution is an expansive and intuitive platform built for 3OH DAO’s revolutionary governance model, and provides ThreeOh DAO with a proprietary and robust DAO platform that combines the best governance technology and revolutionary governance model for the organization’s needs.

ThreeOh DAO has created a multi-chain ecosystem to ensure that it is as widespread as possible when completing its advocacy goals. Its ecosystem already supports Ethereum and Binance and will support Polygon and Avalanche in the near future. 

The Components of this Diverse DAO

ThreeOh DAO states that advocacy can take many forms. To illustrate this, they have a more than generous amount of components that make up their organization and their mission to advocate for Web3, digital asset adoption, and fintech evolution.

The components of their DAO include: 

  • Prioritization Council – This council will meet quarterly to review the organization’s priorities and to create “problem statements” that determine the objective for each quarter, and also decide which actions will be selected by the organization for the coming quarter.
  • Professional Proposers – The proposers make proposals that tend to problems laid out by the prioritization council. Proposers include political candidates, lobbyists, political researchers, lawyers, public relations firms, and more.
  • Proposal-making – Proposal makers submit their proposals which work towards the priorities of the DAO. 
  • Action Choices – Funding proposals are made by voting for the funds provided by the DAO’s funding pool or by a crowdfunding mechanism that allows participants to donate to a proposal.
  • Milestone Assessment – The organization will monitor the initiation of the proposals by

the professionals that take action towards the organization’s motives. Those executing work will gain a reputation based on performance.

Because the organization believes in the decentralized nature of the industry, they have set up numerous types of advocacy that are placed in the hands of token holders. This means that all governance power is left in the hands of the community, ensuring the decentralized industry they are advocating for remains decentralized. With advocacy left in the hands of token holders, the organization can also evolve naturally towards those activities that are getting results.

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