Three Potent Cryptocurrencies Under $1: Chain, Polygon, And The Upcoming Memecoin, Big Eyes Coin


Chain (XCN), Polygon (MATIC), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are presently available for the minimal price of under $1 while offering a plethora of utilities and benefits to their holders. Read on to learn more about these ecosystems.

Chain (XCN) – Powering Chain Core!

Chain (XCN) is a cloud blockchain framework enabling organizations to create better financial services. XCN supports the interoperability and coexistence of numerous independent networks with different operators sharing standard capabilities. The XCN platform uses the principle of least authority, which refers to a security protocol wherein the consumers only have limited access to complete their job. In other words, users can control assets but can’t manage the ledger.

XCN has launched a service product. i.e., Chain Core, a permissionless and open-source blockchain. Chain Core allows organizations to establish and operate a blockchain network or connect to several other networks that provide new ways of how assets move internationally. The Chain Protocol defines how assets are transferred and controlled on a network. It is designed for the performance needed by modern financial systems. The protocol performs speedy transactions, taking only milliseconds to proceed.

Polygon (MATIC) – The Greener Crypto!

Polygon (MATIC) is a cryptocurrency platform with features and procedures that provide users with open-source, fast, and systematic services. It is an Ethereum-based blockchain network that has come forward to house various components and a virtual world using DeFi. MATIC runs on an advanced consensus protocol for increased efficiency, i.e., The proof of stake consensus. The successful implementation of this mechanism has helped MATIC bag many consumers. Many users consider it green benign as it doesn’t use proof of work consensus protocol. MATIC is the utility token that powers the Polygon ecosystem. It is used for transaction fees, safety, and governance on the network.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) – Grow Together!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cryptocurrency platform that has made its community’s happiness and financial growth its sole purpose. In this time where everyone focuses on personal benefits, BIG feels like home as it offers more to its community than it takes for itself. Oriented this way, BIG is on the way to setting up a self-propagation ecosystem for its users. The crypto market offers huge competition for tokens to strive through; this being purely community-oriented, has proven to be an effective strategy.

Besides this, the platform believes in growing together. It intends to work for oceans and marine life; hence, it will launch a fair charity wallet. This wallet has 5% of the total BIG tokens supply, which will be donated gradually across its roadmap. As a charity token, the value of the charity is directly connected with the value of BIG tokens. Simply put, the harder the community tries to bring awareness towards the project, the more purposeful these donations would be for these causes.

BIG is a meme token with a cat mascot for its outlook. Considering a meme token, the first thought that comes to mind is jokes and fun. However, there are prospects to make the BIG intertwined with the real-life section. For example, the cinematic industry with the BIG developers wants to release movies and comics in the future for the entertainment of its community.

Process Of Buying BIG In Its Presale

BIG is presently at the seventh step of its presale journey. The platform still has around 6 billion tokens for you to bag from. You can purchase BIG at a meager price of 2857.14 tokens against each USDT. The tokens can be purchased easily by visiting the presale page of BIG. Connect your wallet, pick the number of tokens, and pay for them. Are you looking for a potent option to refresh your portfolio? XCN, MATIC, and BIG are three cryptos below $1 with much to offer. Speaking of the new token, BIG, it is selling fast in its presale, with over $13 million generated in funding.

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