Three Of The Best Crypto Projects That Are Paving The Way For The Market In 2023: Big Eyes Coin, Apecoin And Litecoin


These three crypto projects are special and mindfully selected for having distinct features. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) for its community outreach and attention to detail. Apecoin (APE) for its special connections in the metaverse and Litecoin (LTC) for being the silver to Bitcoin’s (BTC) gold.

Apecoin: The Crypto KingKong

Apecoin was created by an organization that calls itself the ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’. Apecoin was designed for people who love to immerse themselves in all that the metaverse has to offer. For anyone that is enticed by the idea of an NFT collection as well as collecting and trading digital assets such as art and content creation, Apecoin is just the place. At just over a year old, Apecoin has climbed its way to the top with its captivating features and social media presence. Apecoin is very popular across social media platforms, specifically Reddit and Twitter. The token traded over 2.3 billion dollars during its first week of existence.

Although it is highly praised, Apecoin also has a few flaws, as many cryptocurrencies do. There seems to be a fluctuation issue when it comes to the token. Despite trading over two billion dollars, the value of the coin ranged wildly between highs of $40 and lows of under $7. This can make it difficult for people trying to decipher whether Apecoin is worth the investment if it keeps fluctuating at such lengths. However, it is still new and seems to be doing well so far, but it will require more time on the market to flourish to be considered ‘one of the greats.’

Join The Litecoin Craze

Litecoin has a similar token quality to Bitcoin as it is created using the same technology. It launched in 2011, two years after Bitcoin and Charlie Lee, the programmer had the aim of creating a faster and cheaper alternative to the original cryptocurrency.

One of the main things that separate Litecoin from Bitcoin is the way that Litecon handles transactions. Often Bitcoin transactions take a while to reach from one place to another. Hence, people have to wait for processing and verification to take place, a slow transaction process indeed. Moreover, the number of transactions that can be handled by Bitcoin is quite limited. On the flip side, Litecoin’s entire purpose is to complete transactions quickly and efficiently. Litecoin is also a decentralized currency, unlike Bitcoin which can be manipulated by outside influence.

Big Eyes Create Ripples In The Crypto Pool

Big Eyes Coin has always emphasized the importance of community spirit; it is the exact reason Big Eyes Coin was created, among other reasons. For instance, working hard to protect the waters from harmful pollution and overfishing. That’s not just because the oceans provide an unlimited supply of cat food, but also because of the problems that ocean pollution is bringing with the climate.

By making attractive offers and elevating their charity causes to the forefront of the movement, Big Eyes Coin hopes to promote and lure investors into the BIG ecosystem. Meme currencies’ strength is crucial to the future of the cryptocurrency sector. Meme currencies are very common these days since they have the power to generate internet buzz while yet being taken legitimately as a coin on the market.

Big Eyes Coin will debut its unique crypto casino on the 29th of August 2023.

However, casino fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world are eagerly expecting the big launch. The crypto casino has not yet been built, but here is what we know about the Big Eyes Coin Casino thus far. According to rumors, the platform will have over 4,000 casino games, including multiple play-to-earn games, providing plenty of opportunity for individuals to earn extra $BIG, which is the network’s preferred currency.

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