Three NFT tokens To Have In Your Wallet: Big Eyes Coin, Decentraland, and Cardano


The crypto market has changed greatly since the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFT). There are many creators, artists, and collectors. NFTs have enriched so many individuals, and many crypto projects are beginning to create an ecosystem where it would be appreciated.

Big Eyes coin is a new token that has continued to get massive support from the media. The coin is set to be the best platform for NFT creators and artists. So far, Big Eyes token has raised over $8.5 million in presale. Therefore, the coin has one of the biggest sales in the second half of the year. Let’s see what the coin has to offer.

Big Eyes Coin Has Many NFTs To Choose From

Big Eyes ecosystem is set to enrich the users and holders by helping them to make a healthy return from their investment. The ecosystem incorporates blockchain, sales, and fun. Big Eyes token is now entering the sixth stage of its presale but the coin still has a lot to offer.

Big Eyes has several cat-themed NFTs in its Sushi Crew portfolio. Big Eyes coin is a community-focused project. The members of the community will have unlimited rights to the DAO. Asides from just making wealth for its community, Big Eyes will give its users an avenue to interact and engage with each other.

Big Eyes will also ensure that there is smooth communication between the developers and members of the community. Big Eyes coin is different from other meme coins. Established on the Ethereum blockchain network, Big Eyes has an easy-to-use user interface. Members will be privileged to engage in events within the community.

Big Eyes coin has a set of goals it wants to achieve over the next few years. Crouch, leap, run, and catwalk are the four stages of its evolution.

Big Eyes is based on the idea of assisting charitable organizations. The primary goal of these organizations will be to improve the lives of all people. Big Eyes donated $1000 to the Luna Children charity in August 2022, despite being on presale. Furthermore, it has pledged 5% of its tokens to combat environmental degradation.

Additionally, investors can use the code BEYES287 to gain a bonus on all the coins they purchase.

Decentraland Is A Metaverse Game That Uses NFTs To Build Digital Estates

Decentraland (MANA), is an augmented reality and virtual reality-powered virtual environment, built on the Ethereum platform. Because of this technology, users can engage in more immersive social interactions. LAND are the individual real estate parcels that comprise Decentraland’s virtual world.

It is entirely up to the owners of the LAND to decide what to do with them. If you use it productively in the meantime, you might be able to sell it later at a higher price. These LAND have numerous potential applications, including the creation of an online museum and a new gaming setting.

Cardano Has Various Types Of NFTs To Choose From

Cardano has the largest NFTs options to invest in. Cardano’s most well-known NFT project is Spacebudz. As the name implies, investors can own their very own space buddy.

Pavia is the name of another popular Cardano project. This virtual reality game is built on top of the metaverse. Players can win a variety of prizes that will essentially improve the life of their virtual avatar.

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