Three Must-have Cryptos in 2023: Big Eyes Coin, Quant, Internet Computer


Backed by communities and (a truckload of memes), the meme coin space flourished. Now, meme coins are en route to demystify the world of finance with De-Fi (decentralized finance). A decentralized authority means money out of the pockets of banks, governments, insurance companies, and more.

And now for the first time in the history of money, common men are eligible to access financial instruments without a credit score. And ironically, cute cats and dogs are revolutionizing this change. Big Eyes Coin is such a name that you should familiarize yourselves with if you are planning to be part of the De-Fi future.

Meanwhile, Quant and Internet Computer, two pioneers already in the top 50 cryptocurrency list, announce important breakthroughs.

Big Eyes Coin – New Cat in De-Fi town

Big Eyes Coin is an Ethereum-based token with a focus on community and eyes set on preserving the oceans. A cute cat in one glance, a sleeping meme coin giant in another. With a mind-blowing presale raising 31mn and counting, the feline-themed coin is disrupting the crypto world. Big Eyes imprints its cute cat paws and plans to launch on Uniswap and release NFTS.

Big Eyes Coin comes clean with no buy or sell tax. Close to 70% of the tokens will be publicly available through its pre-sale. However, the cat thou shall not forget its true cause – a commitment to the oceans. The coin sets aside 5% for charity to save the oceans.

Finally, Big Eyes comes with BIG benefits for all its users. The Big Eyes recently concluded its 200 percent bonus offer that had amassed a huge following during its pre-sale. BIG has now opened another pandora’s box of incentives through its ‘Loot Box’.

There are currently three Loot Box variants starting from $100 that can win up to $5k known as the cute box and secondly the kitty vault with a buy-in range of $500 with a top prize of $24k, and the Super Saiyan Box around $1000 that can make you truly rich with a 100k prize.

One Huge Leap for Quant

In the past few days, Quant’s (QNT) price has risen by 7%. The primary factor causing this increase is Quant’s (QNT) ongoing efforts to expand its ecosystem. Recently, Quant (QNT) has been focusing on creating global guidelines for crypto bridges.

The Quant networks are easing the Interoperability between the cryptos, which enables seamless communication across several blockchains. Businesses now won’t have to worry about compatibility difficulties with blockchain technology.

On the flip side, Quant (QNT) is already being used by Oracle, the top cloud provider in the world, for its Oracle blockchain platform. This is a big sign that the Quant (QNT) project is on the right track and that it is worthwhile to research this coin.

Internet Computer – The Go-to dApps Platform

One of the most significant players in the blockchain business is Internet Computer.

Internet Computer facilitates the creation of fully decentralized applications (dApps) thus easing the developers’ reliance on centralized systems like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon’s AWS. It is a more independent platform as a result.

The ecosystem has recently undergone encouraging changes. Internet Computer-created dApps, like Distrikt, are gaining popularity with users with the ecosystem witnessing a steady rise in code commits over the previous few months, signaling huge growth potential.

One Cute Takeaway

While Quant and Internet Computer look hot right now, Big Eyes is set to climb the hall of fame once the launch date is confirmed. Altcoin enthusiasts looking for a coin of value can easily pick the cat and join the cat revolution. Stage one BIG investors are probably chilling by a beach as the coin handed a handsome 390% return in a few months.

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