Three Hidden Crypto Gems: The Uwerx (WERX) Presale, Chain (XCN), and Internet Computer (ICP)


As we all know, the crypto industry is very volatile. Coin prices can one day soar to the moon and sink to the bottom the next. That is why investors are very cautious about what assets they put in their portfolios.

Various experts believe they have found three coins that may bring you the most profit in 2023: Uwerx, Chain (XCN), and Internet Computer (ICP). Furthermore, one of these stands out for its great potential; which one? Let’s find out!

Uwerx (WERX) Brings Innovation To Freelancing

The popularity of freelancer markets as a source of freelance employment has only grown due to the recent pandemic that struck the globe. Popular freelance companies like Upwork and Fiverr have dominated this sector, with no real rivals appearing. But that may soon change, as a new project called Uwerx will put a unique spin on freelancing.

Uwerx will create the first blockchain-based freelance platform giving users more benefits than traditional platforms. For example, current freelance platforms may charge you up to 20% in fees; with Uwerx, that fee will be much lower. That fee is set to be just 5% since Uwerx has cut out the third-party escrow service!

Investing early in projects which bring innovation in an already established market is a sure-fire recipe for profit! Investors should feel an added sense of security pre-launch because Uwerx has completed its audit with InterFi Network and Solid Proof.

At presale, the crypto is currently worth $0.005, but some analysts believe it may reach a $2.60 price point by early 2024! The creators have also announced that all rights to the smart contracts will be relinquished just before getting listed on a CEX. Now may be a fantastic time to buy an upcoming blue-chip crypto, so do not miss out – liquidity has been locked for 25 years after the presale ends.

Chain (XCN) Launches Chain Cloud

With the help of Chain (XCN), a cloud-based blockchain infrastructure platform, businesses can create superior financial services from scratch. Individuals can use the Chain (XCN) token to participate in the platform’s governance, and holding it will bring you discounts.

Recently, Chain (XCN) announced the launch of Chain Cloud, allowing developers to build apps through RPC API endpoints quickly. This news may help keep the Chain (XCN) coin on track. At the time of this writing, Chain (XCN) is priced at $0.01348. Although Chain (XCN) could be in the green very soon, it may not be able to reach Uwerx’s projected price.

Internet Computer (ICP) May See A Bullish Trend

The Internet Computer (ICP) crypto coin enables individuals to develop web-based solutions like websites and apps. Users can also utilize the Internet Computer (ICP) token to pay for transaction costs and governance.

Internet Computer (ICP) keeps rising on the top 10 Metaverse coins list. It is currently ranked at number 2, only behind ApeCoin (APE). Internet Computer (ICP) also saw a 96% trading volume increase in the past 24 hours.

These are all indicators that bulls are slowly pushing Internet Computer (ICP) forward. But investors can not expect a complete rebound any time soon. An investment in the potential blue-chip Uwerx presale would be a better choice for those impatient investors. See the links below for more information:






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