Three Cryptos To Buy Today: Oryen (ORY), Bitcoin (BTC) And Ethereum (ETH)


Recent expert picks have surprised some in the industry, but they think that ORY, BTC and ETH have strong growth potential right now. These three tokens could all be the perfect options for your portfolio during the coming months. Surprise pick ORY looks set to outpace every other passive income-yielding crypto in the business with its incredible range of easy-earning capabilities. It could soon rival industry giants BTC and ETH in the long-run.

The chance to earn a high-yield interest rate without having to worry about token pairing or other staking protocols presents new possibilities for the crypto space. It could be key in welcoming more traditional investors into the crypto arena, and putting real passive income potential in the palm of their hands. Currently entering its first pre-sale phase, ORY could be key in the next generation of crypto.

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen is perfectly placed to help revolutionize the crypto world and give real people real passive earning potential, without any of the complications associated with most common crypto staking protocols. The innovative Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) automatically stakes and shares yields inside the token as soon as you hold it—it doesn’t need to be moved to a staking platform. All you have to do is hold it in your wallet.

The OAT is a major innovation for the crypto space that has arguably been held back from true mainstream adoption because of barriers to entry and complications that put regular investors off. Rewards are paid hourly and compound over time thanks to ORY’s own self-equalizing system which enables consistent and high returns over the long-run.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is still the biggest player in town, and experts believe it will stay that way for some time to come. While there may be many more new and interesting innovations in the crypto space, it still has plenty of room to fire back up to all-time highs after the current bear market recovers. This might not yield you the same returns as if you’d invested when it was a few dollars a token, but would still be a positive return.

Ethereum (ETH)

Some newcomers to crypto think that Ethereum is only for price speculation, but they’re mistaken. The Ethereum blockchain is the critical core of the crypto development world, with thousands of interesting projects flourishing in its ecosystem. And with key issues like transaction speeds and gas fees improved thanks to the recent ETH 2.0 merge, this backbone gives ETH even more price potential further down the line.


ETH and BTC are still credible investments right now, but it’s ORY that’s gaining the most attention. It’s still early for Oryen, so you get the chance to enjoy growth from the absolute beginning if you invest now.

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