Three Cryptocurrencies To Add To Your Portfolio For Q1 OF 2023: Fantom, Big Eyes Coin, and Avalanche

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Deciding which cryptocurrencies could enhance your portfolio the most at the start of the year can be daunting. However, this editorial piece will educate you on three cryptocurrencies worth your attention in the new year. While two platforms are established cryptocurrencies, one is in the tenth stage of its presale, raising mammoth amounts daily.

Fantom (FTM) and Avalanche (AVAX) are the two established platforms that have provided explosive returns for users in the past. Both prioritise speed and scalability and have built loyal communities which have helped their platforms flourish. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) looks to join these cryptocurrencies at the top of the crypto ladder, producing an innovative platform that facilitates growth for the DeFi ecosystem. Let’s find out more about these cryptocurrencies!

Big Eyes Coin Hits $21 Million In Presale!

The hype surrounding the release of the Big Eyes Coin platform has been immense. The meme token has seen one of the quickest rises to fame in the crypto market, hosting one of the biggest presale events in the past two years.

So, what makes the Big Eyes Coin platform so desirable? While DeFi is still in its infancy stage, Big Eyes Coin aims to make the finance type accessible to every crypto enthusiast. Big Eyes Coin will release an NFT collection featuring the cute feline mascot with Anime features.

The collection will come with utility, allowing holders to access exclusive events and parties on the Big Eyes Coin platform. The Big Eyes team predict the collection will reach the top ten NFT projects globally, with its utility and unique features as the driving force behind its success.

How Is Fantom Doing Today?

Blockchain Image

Fantom is a smart contract platform that specialises in various sectors of the crypto market and blockchain industry. The platform prioritises scalability by using Lachesis, an aBFT consensus algorithm that allows transactions to be confirmed within 1-2 seconds.

Although Fantom can confirm transactions extremely quickly, the platform still limits the amount it costs to confirm transactions. Reportedly, Fantom charges fractions of a cent per transaction.

While the rest of the crypto market is experiencing a negative trend, Fantom is surging in value. The platform has raised its market capitalisation by 32.68% in the past seven days at the time of writing.

Avalanche Surges By 11%

The Avalanche platform is one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies in the crypto space. Avalanche is capable of processing colossal amounts of transactions in a short period. Avalanche reportedly processes 4,500 transactions per second!

Avalanche utilises three separate blockchains to achieve this mammoth number. The three blockchains are the X-Chain, P-Chain, and C-Chain. Each chain has a specific purpose, radically different to the blockchain model that Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) use.

Like Fantom, Avalanche is surging in value. The blockchain giant has increased its market capitalisation by 11.07% in the past seven days at the time of writing. If Avalanche were to continue this trend, you should consider adding this cryptocurrency to your portfolio.

Final Thoughts

This year is one filled with great tension around the crypto market. 2022 showed just how devastating and volatile the crypto market is. However, the trend set by Avalanche and Fantom and the excitement surrounding the Big Eyes Coin platform have given hope to many crypto enthusiasts for 2023.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin is offering its last-ever promo code for its presale. The Big Eyes team has released the ‘LAUNCHBIGEYES200’ code which entitles users to 200% bonus tokens with each purchase. Hurry before it expires in 48 hours.

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