This Volt Inu Competitor Aims For Top 3 Meme coin Position, Poised To Surge 15x In 2023


Technology is advancing, and so is the crypto industry. Meme coins have evolved over the years. From better features to the quality of services and investment opportunities offered by meme coins, they have greatly improved over the years. This has made competition stiffer, and investors are spoiled for choice.

Volt Inu is no doubt one of the meme coins that have come to stay. As a matter of fact, Volt Inu was voted the best meme coin for 2022. This goes to show the viability of the project and its future prospects.

While this may sound extraordinary, hybrid meme projects like Pikamoon are reported to be on higher pedestals than even Volt Inu. This new player is aiming to take a spot in the top 3, and experts predict that it’s poised for a massive surge in 2023. With its unique features and strong community support, this Volt Inu competitor is already turning heads in the crypto world.

Find out more about this exciting new project and why it could be the next big thing in the world of meme coins.

What is Volt Inu?

Volt Inu is a deflationary meme coin that has had its investors smiling to the bank multiple times. Volt Inu has raked in over 200% since the beginning of the year and has maintained decent bearish momentum even while flagship cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum were plummeting.

This has instilled high confidence in Volt Inu holders, and reports are that the price may surpass all-time highs in the coming bull run.

Why Are Crypto Whales Investing in Pikamoon?

Pikamoon is a leading play-to-earn game that is set to take the industry by storm. Pikaverse is the metaverse of the Pikamoon game, and it’s unlike anything a gamer in the crypto space has seen. Reports say that it is even more captivating than Fortnite.

There are some elements of truth to this, as the Pikamoon game is developed in the best gaming engine in the industry, Unreal Engine 5. This accounts for the game’s immersive images and 3D graphics. The Pikaverse is the gamers paradise, and the plains of Dreva are where they’ll be battling it out for the ultimate prize.

The quality of gameplay and storyline Pikamoon is bringing to the P2E industry is absolutely unmatched. This is why crypto enthusiasts can’t contain their excitement. To top it off, $Pika, the native token of the Pikaverse, is the No. 1 meme coin for 2020.

Investors who are looking to x10 their portfolio in 2023 are crawling over themselves to cop as much $Pika as they can. This is not mere hype. Big brands are already entering long-term partnerships with Pikamoon because of its obvious prospects.

This is in turn attracting crypto whales who are dumping other meme coins in their portfolio for Pikamoon. Smart investors see the potential of Pikamoon, and they leverage the ongoing presale to amass the token at the cheapest price possible.

Pikamoon Presale

Pikamoon is giving the opportunity to their community members and early investors who believe in the project to buy the coins at the lowest price possible. Each $Pika token is selling for as little as $0.0002 in the first stage of the presale.

The price of each token is certain to reach $0.0006 at the end of the third presale phase. This is an easy 300% for early investors, even before the project launches. Experts believe Pikamoon will put up amazing numbers in this year’s bull run. With the number of crypto whales and investors pitching their tent with Pikamoon, this is no brainer at all.

Experts believe Pikamoon has the potential to rack up a whopping 15,000% before the end of 2023. You definitely don’t want to be on the sidelines when this happens. Get in on the presale and book your spot on the $Pika spaceship. It is moonbound, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

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