This new Tool Lets Users Send Bitcoin Cash to any Email Address

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Pushing the adoption of Bitcoin and other crypto assets to entirely new levels will be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, some assets now have a more convenient way of sending and receiving funds.

Dealing with crypto wallet addresses can be a pain.

A Big Step Forward for Bitcoin Cash

Forcing users to create a “gateway” solution to streamline this process will not benefit global adoption.

A more convenient, streamlined, and simple solution needs to be found.

For Bitcoin Cash users, it is now possible to send funds to any email address in the world.

While the user interface of this new tool may be a bit lackluster, the overall usability is significant.

Through tools like this, cryptocurrencies can gain broader adoption over time.

Other crypto assets can benefit from such solutions as well, assuming they are ever implemented. 

Regardless of how one feels about BCH, this development is significant for the industry as a whole.

The community seems quite pleased with this development, as they immediately see the benefits this option can bring to the table.

In terms of security, however, it may not be a good solution for moving bigger amounts of money.

Email accounts are anything but secure, primarily due to the way how users handle their account information.

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