This ICO is Using Mobile Voting to Wipe Out Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is a global issue, and Votem ICO is looking to make it a thing of the past by using e-voting from mobile devices, held securely on the blockchain.

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We hear about episodes of voter fraud taking place around the world. Even in the USA, the question of complete transparency in voting is often in dispute. But, why in a world with such advanced technology is something so important as deciding a country’s future still relying on paper ballots? And even when electronic voting is deployed, occurrences of tampering are not uncommon.

While plenty of ICOs are rising to the occasion to tackle these issues in the voting industry, Votem looks to be strides ahead of the rest. Not only by providing a remote e-voting mobile system to facilitate voting over geographies, but to eliminate corruption and ensure transparency, as well.

What is Votem?

Votem is a blockchain-powered network with a mission to make elections around the world transparent through its native crypto tokens and CastIron platform. What makes it different from other ICOs with a similar view? Votem uses mobile devices as the vehicle, and is already demonstrating successful use cases.

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Cherie Blair, founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women said, “Computers are a distant dream but the mobile phone is an immediate reality.” Mobile plus blockchain can becomem a winning match, allowing people to vote in privacy, and their decisions to be tamper-proof.

Successful Use Cases

The cool thing about Votem is that it already has some successful use cases under its belt, having partnered so far with several states in the United States, including the District of Columbia and the Ohio State Bar Association. Votem upholds any voting system’s basic elements including, security, verifiability, accessibility and most importantly, transparency.

This ICO shows a lot of promise as the team is a combination of tech-savvy blockchain and mobile developers and election system manufacturers. The collective team is well versed on the needs and requirements of legislators and election officials, as well as voter behavior.

CastIron™ Mobile Voting Platform

Votem makes use of a platform called CastIron EMS (Election Management System). This allows for voters to vote from their phones in security. When the vote is cast, it is stored on the distributed ledger and cannot be tampered with. This removes the fear of the votes being hacked and falsified. Real time records mean that elections can happen faster, without hours, days, or weeks of counting and recounting votes.

Running on the Ethereum network, tokens can be used for different elections. The token sales for Votem also comply with the SEC, which is comforting for investors.

In a world where we have a real possibility for change with the technology at our fingertips, let’s hope that ICOs like Votem will only gain in traction.

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