CryptoMode COVID-19 Vaccination VeChainThor

Blockchain technology can serve in many different use cases. In Cyprus, the Mediterranean Hospital leverages this technology for its COVID-19 vaccination. A smart play, as transparency is crucial during these trying times. 

COVID-19 Vaccination on the Blockchain

As the whole world eagerly awaits its chance to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, there is still a lot of work to be done. One crucial aspect is to ensure everything is done transparently. Unfortunately, this is where most countries face severe problems during the early stages.

Requiring the COVID-19 vaccination recipients to fill out a paper or keep a medical card on them is problematic. Although the system works, it is something that can be manipulated with ease. Finding a foolproof and future-proof solution is incredibly important, especially as people need to receive two vaccine shots. 

Things are done a bit differently in Cyprus. The Mediterranean Hospital is currently vaccinating its hospital staff. Records of the vaccination are kept on the VeChanThor blockchain. Everyone can see these records in public, and they are tamper-proof. Leveraging this technology is a lot more “modern” than what other countries rely on today. 

A total of 100 doctors and personnel have received their first COVID-19 vaccination dose on January 4. Everyone received a digital certificate on their E-HCert App. A big step forward for digitally transforming healthcare. The E-HCert App is explicitly designed for COVID-19 RT-PCR test results and storing vaccination records.

Cyprus Healthcare Embraces VeChain

It is not the first time Cyprus expresses its interest in VeChain or its technology. Citizens of Cyprus have had their COVID-19 tests recorded on this blockchain for months now. It creates an easier way for citizens to prove their health status. In other countries, proving one tested either negative or positive remains a very problematic scenario.

The big question is whether the E-HCert concept will make its way to other regions. Now that the idea has proven to be viable, there is no reason not to explore similar strategies elsewhere. The COVID-19 vaccination has only just begun; providing proper infrastructure remains critical. The VeChanThor blockchain may prove an excellent fit in that regard.

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