This GameFi Token Is the Future: How It Could Outshine My Neighbour ALICE for 1000% ROI


In recent years, the boundaries between the crypto space and the gaming industry have begun to shrink through the emergence of game finance (GameFi) and play-to-earn (P2E) models, which have gained significant traction.

Pikamoon, a revolutionary GameFi token creating buzz lately, is poised to outshine its competitors, including the popular ALICE token, with the potential for a remarkable 1000% return on investment (ROI).

In this article, we’ll look into the future of GameFi and how Pikamoon aims to answer stakeholders’ questions on the feasibility of GameFi to drive mass cryptocurrency adoption.

GameFi: Bridging Gaming and Finance

GameFi was first coined by Andre Conje, the founder of (YFI), to describe DeFi (Decentralised Finance) protocols that incorporate gamification. Over time, the term has evolved to cover the financial aspects of blockchain games, given their close ties to real-world economies.

Through the use of blockchain technology, GameFi aims to bridge the gap between virtual and tangible assets, thereby facilitating true ownership of in-game assets, giving players the ability to buy, sell, and trade them on cryptocurrency exchanges for cool cash.

A new GameFi Era Brewing?

While GameFi has shown promise since its inception, it still has a long way to go.

GameFi has faced challenges towards driving mass crypto adoption which have raised eyebrows among stakeholders. We’ll be discussing two of this challenges and how pikamoon aims to tackle them

  1. One of the challenges faced by the GameFi industry is the decline in the number of active users.

According to a report from Messari, the number of monthly active users on GameFi has decreased from a high of over 2.25 million in 2022 to under 1.75 million as of 2023. A decline that began following Axie Infinity’s $600 million hack back in March 2022.

Pikamoon aims to tackle this by undergoing smart contract audits and KYC to ensure full transparency. Pikamoon has, however, been cleared by third-party agencies, Coinsult and SharkTeam.

  1. Another significant challenge is the issue of less focus on gameplay and more on earning mechanics, which have started to give Play-2-Earn games a bad rep.

Pikamoon is developing a sustainable blockchain game that has the potential to maintain a recurring player base. With its real-time 3D metaverse that offers photorealistic graphics and immersive experiences, Pikamoon will leave players wanting more.

With the continued evolution of GameFi and the adoption of user-centric solutions, the gaming industry could see a significant shift in the coming years with the emergence of projects like Pikamoon.

Outshining ALICE: The Road to 1000% ROI

While ALICE has made significant strides in the GameFi space, is Pikamoon the next game-changer for GameFi? Crypto analysts think so and here is why?

Unlike most games that require an internet connection, Pikamoon offers offline gameplay that allows players to earn tokens even without internet access.

The immersive adventure offered by Pikamoon is unparalleled, and players are treated to a gaming experience unlike anything they have ever seen before. The game is designed to offer rewards and incentives at every turn, ensuring that players are constantly engaged and motivated to continue playing.

Moreover, Pikamoon’s focus on community-driven initiatives and strategic partnerships amplifies its growth potential. By fostering an engaged and passionate user base, Pikamoon is establishing a thriving ecosystem where players, developers, and investors collaborate to drive innovation and generate value.

These factors will play a positive role in Pikamoon’s growth in 2023 making it easy to achieve 10000% ROI.

Pikamoon Presale

Pikamoon, which has been named the “golden ticket”, is where the big players in the crypto space are placing their bet, and they’re doing it in the ongoing presale live on Pikamoon official website.

With Pikamoon hitting seven figures in the first round of its presale and still selling for as low as $0.0004 in the second round, investors are going all out to x100 their portfolio with $Pika in 2023.

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