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Thinkium Is Ready To Crack Three Main Problems With Blockchain

When it comes to public blockchain area, main problems are account of huge differences among the chains, the high cost of interconnection, the lack of chain scalability, and the development space is severely limited. But the all-around public blockchain network Thinkium is ready to crack those problems.

Firstly, let’s understand the main problems in detail.

Build chain difficulty

A single chain cannot meet the actual needs, so many different chains need to be built. The cost of building a chain is very high.

Across the chain difficulty

Many blockchains are not designed with inter-chain communication in mind, which makes Cross-chain interaction difficulty.

Extend chain difficulty

A fatal problem faced by many blockchain projects is insufficient network performance (TPS), which directly determines the business complexity and user size that can be carried.

Thinkium features:

Low cost chain construction & security synchronous improvement – you can use the existing infrastructure of Thinkium public chain to quickly build your own public chain

Cross-chain interoperability & powerful network effect -”Aplati Tree”flat Tree chain structure, which can greatly improve cross-chain efficiency.

Unlimited Extendability & Unlimited Possibilities – Unlimited performance expansion through layered multi-chain, intra-chain sharding and sub-chain interworking, with a TPS of 100,000+ at present.

Thinkium Chain is divided into main chain and business chain according to function, each chain is a complete independent system with its own state. As the entry point and trust source of the business chain, the main chain records the metadata and summary of the confirmed blocks of each business chain, generates the random seeds used in the committee election of all chains, and records the election results. The workload from business is shared by all business chains, and the message driven protocol based on actor model is used for contract parallel computing.

Different from dfinity’s hierarchical multi chain structure, Thinkium public chain is divided by chain from network, storage to consensus. With Multi Chain consensus protocol structure, Thinkium public chain can truly achieve safe and reliable performance expansion.

In addition, the four tier system architecture and consensus protocol structure designed by Thinkium will also effectively help the future scalability and iterative upgrade of the system.

How does the Thinkium public chain return the right to the user?

In the trusted digital world of Thinkium public chain, all digital assets such as user’s behavior, information and data are effectively protected. The user’s data is stored in the distributed data center and access control is carried out by blockchain. Any institution or individual needs to obtain their authorization to read it.

Thinkium public chain, as the underlying infrastructure of the entire blockchain, can achieve (at linear cost) infinite scalability of performance and achieve efficient, secure and trusted transaction processing.

The underlying infrastructure of Thinkium public chain can effectively implement the data interaction between cross-chains and cross-applications, avoid the phenomenon of “data island” between different commercial ecosystems in traditional Internet business, and enable everyone’s data to generate certain commercial value while being controlled by themselves.

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