These 5 Play-to-earn Games Gained Momentum Quickly


In the world of play-to-earn blockchain, competition is crucial. While Axie Infinity continues to dominate the leaderboards, several new projects are making the rounds. The volume rankings by DAppRadar confirm the following play-to-earn games are worth keeping an eye on. 


Combining blockchain gaming with NFT farming is an intriguing proposition. MOBOX’s NFT Farmer is one of the upcoming play-to-earn games that is also free to play. Through its infrastructure that combines gaming with DeFi through unique NFTs, players can generate non-fungible tokens to be used across multiple games. Thanks to 8.5k users and $10.36 million in volume over the past 24 hours, the MOBOX: NFT Farmer solutions can prove viable among play-to-earn enthusiasts.


Fans of Dragon Ball will see some interesting similarities with CryptoDrakeBall. Players can capsule characters through the native DBALL token, gather and upgrade Drake Claws, and buy and sell their items on the built-in marketplace. Players earn DBALL by fighting villains or training with friends. In addition, NFTs will let users upgrade characters. There is an unlimited upgrade potential, and over 18.500 NFTs have been minted so far. CryptoDrakeBall has over 31.000 users and $2.65 million in volume over the past 24 hours. 


Similar to Plants vs. Zombies, Plant2Earn serves as a tower defense game. Players need to defend against invading Youkai and collect solar energy to earn P2E tokens. All warriors, which are grown from seeds, are NFT assets and can be exchanged on the Plant2Earn marketplace. The P2E token lets players buy seeds, enhance elements and use them as liquidity for trading. Plant2Earn has over 12.100 users and $2.03 million in volume, both of which are solid increases for this dApp competing with other play-to-earn games.


Open-world RPGs will always remain popular among play-to-earn games. Illuvium, built on the Ethereum blockchain, lets players quest and capture deity-like creatures. Captured creatures can be fused, upgraded, stored on Shards to show them to friends, and traded. Throughout the playing process, users will earn ILV tokens. One crucial aspect of Illuvium is the integration with Immutable X to provide zero-gas transactions for peer-to-peer trading. Even though the platform “only” has 544 users in the past 24 hours, it generated $1.8 million in volume. 


As a decentralized GameFi application on Binance Smart Chain, DeHero aims to compete with other play-to-earn games. Users can stake NFT assets to unbox card packs blind boxes, collect roles, and use training strategies to perform card mining. Completing these tasks will grant players HEROES tokens, which are mainly used for governance through the upcoming DAO structure. Users are free to trade NFT cards through the marketplace, resulting in 1.04 million across 483 users over the past 24 hours. 

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