These 5 NFT Projects Have The Highest Price Floor on OpenSea

CryptoMode NFT Collections Price Floor

The non-fungible token industry continues to attract a lot of attention and money. Some NFT projects on OpenSea have a very high price floor, indicating people are eager to spend a lot of money. The big question is whether some of the more recent projects will achieve those levels in the future. 

Autoglyphs (307 ETH Floor)

The most expensive NFT project on OpenSea today is Autoglyphs. Labeled as the first on-chain generative art on the Ethereum blockchain, it provides a unique take on creating digital art. There are only 511 of these for sale on OpenSea, with a floor of 307 ETH and 12.4k ETH in trading volume. Interestingly, there are 140 owners, indicating most users would own at least 3.5 Autoglyps. The volume for this project appears to be tapering off tho, which isn’t too surprising at these prices. 

Deafbeef (100 ETH floor)

Another generative type of art, but one that provides an audiovisual experience. Deafbeef Series 0 revolves around Synth poems stored on-chain. Every piece is generated from a random hash value to influence musical elements, creating a broad range of variations. With 221 unique items to obtain and 97 holders, it isn’t hard to see why the floor sits at 100 ETH. However, its volume is also dropping off, despite noting 819.1 ETH worth of trades in the past week. 

PEGZ (76.94 ETH floor)

The seeds of the metaverse are upon us courtesy of the PEGZ project. Interested users can collect mutant faces, of which only slightly over 100 unique variations exist. Every Peg is a member of one of the ten families. The NFTs include a 2D avatar, a 3D coin file, and an animated GIF. At the current price floor of 76.94 ETH and with over 3,000 ETH in OpenSea volume, PEGZ seems to be getting a lot of attention. However, its trading volume is dropping off recently, and will need to pick up again.

The 140 Collection By Twitter (68.9 ETH floor)

When Twitter announced they would get into the world of non-fungible tokens, people weren’t too sure what to make of it. So the Twitter team handpicked 140 users responding to the tweet announcing the giveaway. There are seven main designs to collect. While the current floor price is still high, it has plummeted from over 90 ETH not that long ago. The 77.19% decreasing in weekly trading volume won’t help matters either. 

Fortune Media (21.9 ETH floor)

While it is interesting to see mainstream organizations enter the NFT space, it remains to be seen how long this momentum can last. For example, Fortune minted 256 editions of its Aug/Sept magazine issue through animated art as NFTs. So far, 227 owners picked up a copy, bringing the floor price to 21.9 ETH. However, one has to wonder if Fortune Media can keep attracting attention in this space by creating NFTs out of its magazine covers. The overall trading volume is still decent, and seems to increase. 

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