These 5 NFT Projects Generated The Most Sales This Week

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One can rank the NFT projects across various metrics. While the USD value of sales is crucial, there are other factors to look at too. The amount of sales in the past week, for example, indicates there is a growing interest in some projects one might not have expected.

Art Blocks Is On Fire

No one will be surprised to see Art Blocks top the charts among various NFT metrics. Its $210 million in weekly sales is impressive, and the all-time volume swiftly approaches $470 million. What is of greater interest are the 24,881 weekly sales. That is an astonishing amount that no other project can rival right now. Sustaining this growth may not be easy, but anything is possible if so much money is thrown at these NFTs.

Ethereum Name Service Remains Popular

Although it has seemingly gone quiet on the .ENS domain name front, there is a renewed interest. Owning a decentralized domain name will create new opportunities over the coming years. The Ethereum Name Service, issuing ENS domains, notes 9,460 sales in the past week. Although that represents under $900.000, it confirms the overall activity picked up again. The future of these domains remains a bit uncertain, but it is part of the broader Web 3.0 initiative. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Demand

As one of the more successful NFT projects on the market, Bored Ape Yacht Club notes over $81 million in weekly sales. Thanks to this week’s 1,936 sales, the overall interest in this project remains rather high. Moreover, the value of BAYC is still skyrocketing, although that will eventually level out.  For now, it remains the second-most successful NFT project in weekly sales behind Art Blocks, although the competition is gaining quickly. 

CryptoKitties Are Still Viable

Many people invested in CryptoKitties when the project came around initially. Several cat NFT projects have come and gone since then. Today, CryptoKitties can still generate nearly 1,700 weekly sales worth $364,000. An impressive feat, confirming the demand to collect and breed virtual cats isn’t over yet. As the project closes in on nearly 3 million all-time sales, things are bound to get interesting either way. 

MoonCatRescue Gains Momentum

Even though most NFT holders of MoonCatRescue agree it took very long for the project to gain momentum, the current landscape looks rather promising. With 1,684 weekly sales generating over $6.4 million in volume, the project is picking up speed. The contemporary price floor is 0.8 ETH, although that number tends to fluctuate a bit. It will be interesting to see where this project ends up in a few months from now. 

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