These 5 NFT Collections Continue To Peel Ahead of The Competition

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The overall rankings for NFT collections have undergone some interesting changes over the past few weeks. Numerous new collections take the spotlight, and established projects lose momentum. Rest assured, these rankings will look very different in a month or two, confirming long-term sustainability in the NFT industry remains problematic. 

World Of Women

The World of Women NFT collection continues to pop off on the Ethereum blockchain. Its daily volume is nearly four times higher than the next project on the list, capping at just over $19 million. Moreover, its total volume to date has surpassed $125 million, which is rather impressive. The floor of over $28,000 may prove unsustainable but remains high either way. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club

It is not the most surprising name on the list, although it has fewer daily trading volumes than most people think. Bored Ape Yacht Club still averages over $5.5 million in daily trading volume, pushing its total volume past $1.07 billion. It is one of the most successful collections to date, and the $250,000 floor seems to remain in place without much opposition.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox remains an exciting initiative as a project where the metaverse takes center stage. It can potentially bring mainstream users into the metaverse, even if it will remain up to individual uses and projects to claim land in the virtual world and establish a lasting presence. NFTs tied to The Sandbox are in high demand, culminating in $4.65 million in daily volume and over $472 million in total volume. Sustaining the price floor of $11.354 may be a different matter. 


Although PhantaBear is a relatively new collection, it attracts much attention from speculators. There is always enthusiasm among profile picture projects, even though investors tend to favor utility rather than quick flip potential. Thanks to 4.315 million in daily volume and $78.17 million in total sales, PhantaBear can remain in the top NFT rankings for a while to come. The PhantaBear price floor is $14.108 today. 

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Although some people might have expected CryptoPunks on this list, it is not even close to the top five lately. Instead, Mutant Ape yacht Club claims the fifth spot with $3.96 million in daily volume. Moreover, its total sales now top $630 million, which is rather impressive. Moreover, the price floor of over $50,000 remains impressive. 

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