These 5 IDOs Currently Have The Highest USD ROI: ORN, ZCX, BSCPAD, ALICE, ERN

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As many people try to get in on Initial DEX Offerings to pocket a quick profit, finding the right platform becomes essential. Thanks to ongoing competition in this segment that may prove more difficult than imagined. The following IDO assets note the highest USD returns to date.

Orion Protocol (ORN)

We have covered the ongoing development of Orion Protocol on this website throughout multiple articles. Investors who contributed to the project’s IDO will be more than happy with their investment. At the peak, ORN noted an ROI of 293.74x, whereas it is still at 54.55x today. That makes it the most successful IDO under the current market circumstances. DAO Maker is the platform responsible for organizing this IDO, making it worth keeping an eye on for future projects.

Unizen (ZCX)

As a modular ecosystem for decentralized and centralized finance applications, the Unizen IDO was of keen interest to many people. Since its Initial DEX Offering, the value of ZCX has peaked at an ROI of 134.35x, although that momentum has subsided a bit. Today, it is still a 47.23x increase from its IDO price, which is more than respectable. Organized on the Launchpool platform, Unizen is the most successful IDo for that platform today. 


Anyone with sufficient market knowledge will know it is always worthwhile to invest in service and infrastructure providers. SBCPad, the main IDO platform for Binance Smart Chain projects, sold its token through its own platform. Investors noted an all-time high ROI of 329x. BSCPAD is still worth 42.3x the IDO price today. So a lot of good money was to be made through this first IDO on the BSCPad platform.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

Although this project has flown under most people’s radar, My Neighbor Alice serves as a multiplayer blockchain build game where players can buy and own virtual islands. Similar to other Initial DEX Offerings, the ROI peak of 316.43x is well behind us today. However, ALICE is still up by 33.3x from its IDO price today. Sustaining that momentum will prove challenging for the second IDO facilitated by DAO Maker on this list.

Ethernity Chain (ERN)

Some people may wonder if it can be worthwhile to invest in NFT infrastructure providers. If Ethernity Chain is an example, the answer is a resounding yes. After organizing its Initial DEX Offering on Polkastarter, the ERN token noted an all-time high ROI of 272.1x. Unfortunately, most of those gains have been nullified, although the current ROI of 20.74x isn’t too shabby either. ERN Is also part of Binance’s innovation zone, indicating there may be some momentum to take advantage of in the coming weeks. 

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