These 5 Cryptocurrency Projects Note Strong Developmental Activity

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Active development of cryptocurrency projects will differ from month to month. Currencies worth their salt will always note strong developer activity, although the rankings will differ from time to time. Looking back at the past three months, it seems some intriguing developments are going on.  

Major Commits For Cryptocurrency Projects

It has to be said, there is always work to be done where cryptocurrency projects are concerned. Regardless of how popular a currency may be already, the developers will keep looking for improvements, fixes, and additions. Some projects will require more work than others, yet even Bitcoin is always open to changes. 

Surprisingly, most commits pertain to Auroracoin, a currency that has not been talked about for some time now. Initially conceived as a cryptocurrency project for Iceland, it is a bit unclear what the real purpose of AUR is on today’s market. Given how there have been 638 commits in the past three months, something appears to be brewing behind this venture’s scenes.

Chainlink comes in second place, which is far less of a surprise. As the top blockchain oracle provider in DeFi and beyond, Chainlink has built up a solid reputation as a service provider and network. Thanks to the recent 532 commits to the code, it would appear there may be some intriguing changes on the horizon. 

Groestlcoin is another one of those old-school cryptocurrency projects that keeps growing and evolving. Although it may not necessarily get the most appreciation from the broader community, the developers are still working hard behind the scenes. Over 460 commits indicate the project is far from dead, which is more than one can say about the majority of altcoins around when GRS came about. 

The world’s leading cryptocurrency has to be in the top 5 of cryptocurrency projects with the most commits over the past three months. Although some may think of 463 commits as “small” compared to the projects above, one has to remember Bitcoin exists a lot longer. A lot of aspects are subject to QoL improvements, but there are no major changes on the horizon other than Taproot at this time. 

It would appear that some of the older crypto-assets are making a comeback all of a sudden. Parallelcoin was initially created in late 2014 and is suddenly noting a lot of developer commits. More specifically, 431 commits in the past three months confirm a strong community behind ParallelCoin and DUO.  What this will lead to exactly, remains unclear, but one cannot ignore the prospects. 

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