These 5 Core Aspects Prove the Potential of DigiByte

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There are many different reasons why cryptocurrency and blockchain projects will either succeed or fail. Those who succeed don’t always get the recognition they deserve. DigiByte is a project that doesn’t always get the attention, but it is evolving into a powerhouse regardless. 

AntumID’s Vision is a big Deal

Implementing a specific blockchain to create a global privacy-oriented ID service is a big gamble. This is especially true when that blockchain isn’t one most people are familiar with. For the AntumID team, tapping into DigiByte’s blockchain was the obvious choice. It provides everything this digital ID solution needs to provide security, privacy, and usability. 

For those who have kept tabs on security incidents, it is evident that  data breaches remain a big problem. Millions of records are exposed every quarter, putting consumers at risk. Through AntumID, that security threat can be negated entirely.  It has all of the potential to replace the “Sign up With Facebook” and “Sign up With Google” integration people rely on today. Less data in the hands of major tech companies is always a good thing.

It is also worth noting that AntumID recently developed a tool known as MyDigiPassword. It serves as a password generator and password manager powered by the DigiByte blockchain. A far better option than using a centralized service provider to achieve the same type of functionality. Solutions like these can get more people to take password security more seriously. 

EGW Capital has big Plans

Various companies are currently in the process of evaluating the Initial Exchange offering segment. This new form of issuing tokens and raising money has proven to be successful for companies such as Binance. More competition in this space can be beneficial, and EGW Capital wants to enter this space in the very near future. 

More specifically, EGW Capital is in the process of developing its own IEO launchpad. What makes this interesting is how it is  – allegedly – powered by the DigiByte blockchain.. The firm will leverage DigiByte’s blockchain for real estate tokenization too, so it seems like plausible news.

Threefold Conscious Internet Alliance

Another interesting bit of news came in the form of a new collaboration. Building a more human and planet centric world will also have a major impact on how the internet is used on a daily basis. 

The Threefold Conscious Internet Alliance aims to change the world as people know it today. DigiByte is one of the partners of this project. Another core collaboration that should not be overlooked. 

Generating a Social Buzz

For any blockchain or cryptocurrency project, social traction is crucial. DigiByte has not been let down by its community in this regard. Over the past six months, there has been a strong increase across all important aspects, except for news articles. This latter aspect isn’t something the community has much control over.

That being said, a 113% increase in social volume and 95.5% increase in social engagement is very significant. There is also a 113% rise in social dominance, indicating that DigiByte is mentioned more often compared to other projects in this space. All of this growth is very solid, and a further validation of all the work being done behind the scenes.

Healthy Liquid Marketcap

Looking at just the reported market cap of any crypto project isn’t accurate. Those numbers are based on trading behavior, which can be manipulated relatively easily. Figuring out the liquid market cap often provides a more interesting story. In the case of DigiByte, the liquid marketcap currently sits at just under $280 million. 

Not only is that a respectable number, it also puts DigiByte ahead of thousands of other projects. Even the likes of BitTorrent, Zilliqa, Qtum, and Augur have a lower liquid marketcap. Liquidity is a good thing, as it confirms that DGB is accessible for traders, speculators, and investors. Additionally, DigiByte’s transaction volume ranks ahead of ZCash, Litecoin, EOS, and Tether, according to Messari

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