These 5 Altcoins Attempt to Decouple From Bitcoin: GNY, ALPHA,UNI, VGX, QNT

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During times of increasing Bitcoin volatility, it is often best to find a hedge. Many traders flock to stablecoins, but certain altcoins offer relief as well. Moreover, you can visit this site to learn how I bought bitcoin with western union. These five markets all seem to be decoupling from Bitcoin. 


Most people may not be familiar with GY, a venture focusing on “blockchain on command” services. Standing out in this ever-competitive industry is a growing challenge, but some projects can still do it. The GNY team claims it has a patent-pending advanced machine learning system. Its native GNY token notes a near 50% price increase today, making it the king of the altcoins. 

Alpha Finance (ALPHA)

Although many people have overlooked DeFi altcoins as of late, Alpha Finance’s ALPHA can note a strong daily performance now and then. Today is such a day, resulting in a 17.3% price increase. It also gained over 20% on both Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is worth paying attention to. Keeping the momentum going will pose challenges, however. 

Uniswap (UNI)

UNI remains one of the best performing altcoins on the market for a token that has been airdropped to millions of users. Today’s price increase pushes UNI to a new all-time high. The token is also making headway against both Bitcoin and Ethereum, yet remains far removed from its all-time highs in these segments. Pushing through to $20 or $25 is always possible but not necessarily feasible.

Voyager Token (VGX)

For those unfamiliar with Voyager, it is an investment platform for holders of Bitcoin and specific altcoins. Its mobile application streamlines the investment process, which can lower the barriers for neophyte users. Thanks to a 10% price increase, VGX is now above $1 again. It, too, notes gains in BTC and ETH value, which is rather interesting to note. 

Quant (QNT)

It feels as if no one has taken Quant seriously as an altcoin in the past year. Today’s price increase shows why QNT is still viable despite the growing competition among altcoins. A 6.3% price increase may seem small, but QNT gains about 10% in BTC and ETH value. Decoupling from Bitcoin and Ethereum is crucial for alternative assets, yet the gravitational pull can be rather strong. 

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