These 5 2021 Tokens All Still Note A More Than Decent ROI

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With several thousand cryptocurrencies on the market already, one can argue there is no immediate need for more. Even so, new tokens still launch every year, which primarily serve speculative purposes. For example, the following tokens launched in 2021 have a high current ROI, although that never constitutes investment advice without users conducting the proper research first.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) – 112.7x

When the ALICE asset first launched, not too many people could make sense of the project. It turns out My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game – with some animals looking similar to Animal Crossing – where players can buy and own virtual land, collect items, and build the islands. Players can own in-game assets as NFTs, which users can trade on secondary markets. ALICE is the in-game currency and governance asset. It can be staked to learn platform revenue. 

At its peak, ALICE has an ROI of 318.43x. A stellar amount for a token launched in 2021. Things have calmed down a bit, yet the token is still at 122.7x. Those who got in during the early token sale have made solid profits on their investment. It will be interesting to see if this game can compete with the many other offerings on the market today.

My DeFi Pet (DPET) 112.7x

As a virtual pet game combining DeFi and collectibles, My DeFi Pet has proven to be a rather intriguing addition to the cryptocurrency industry. It is a cross-chain project, which always attracts some attention. DPET is the primary in-game currency used for trading, exchanging, and improving pets and their unique traits. That was seemingly sufficient to make this token achieve an ROI of 128.76x at its peak, Today it still sits at 112.7x, indicating the excitement may not be dissipating just yet. 

Unizen (ZCX) 51.5x

The new class of digital asset exchange and smart exchange ecosystem, or Unizen, has attracted a lot of attention. The platform provides AI-driven social sentiment indicators and Binance-level liquidity under a decentralized roof. More competition among decentralized trading platforms is always a good thing as it fuels innovation and forces competitors to become more efficient. At its peak the ZCX ROI was 134.35x, although it has now dropped to 51.5x. Still, a more than acceptable rate of return for a token that isn’t too old. 

SuperFarm (SUPER) 32.6x

Most DeFi and NFT enthusiasts will be familiar with the SuperFarm platform. It offers an exciting mix of tools to empower creators, collectors, and traders. Its services include an NFT launchpad and NFT farming, with more to come in the future. Fans of the platform take a strong liking to its token, which explains the current 32.6x ROI. It is a far cry from the peak at 189.3x, though all crypto markets have some sort of recovery ahead of them either way. 

APENFT (NFT) 30.4x

The APENFT project aims to register world-class artworks as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. It is not the only project pursuing this option, although it is good to see more options for aspiring artists who want to explore the possibilities at their disposal. It is also one of the few projects with support for the TRON blockchain. Whereas the ATH ROI of 119.17x may not be touched again, the current ROI is still 30.4x. An interesting development, all things considered.

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